I have leptin resistance that leads to elevated reverse T3. Prior to beginning the HCG diet, I had brought my leptin levels down close to the target range. I got some blood work done on VLCD8 and the results show that my leptin levels spiked back up again. Has anyone else observed this before? I am not sure whether it's from discontinuing supplements I had been taking that seemed to have helped (high-dose omega 3 and resveratrol) during P2 or if it may be an idiosyncrasy of this diet, perhaps due to burning fat and releasing the leptin stored in fat into the bloodstream that leads to a temporary elevation? All the scientific research I am finding indicates that leptin levels are supposed to decrease during weight loss... I will obviously ask my doctor too, but she is not as familiar with the specifics of the hcg diet and thus I'd love to find out from the hcg veterans who are familiar with leptin resistance/thyroid issues if this is a more common phenomenon.