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Thread: Lipo and HCG Drops

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    Lipo and HCG Drops

    Has anyone ever had a Lipo procedure while on the HCG diet? I'm on VLCD3 on my second round and am having a procedure done on saturday to my abdominal and waist. I'm just wondering if you started to lose weight in other area's instead of the part of your bodies where the procedure was taken?

    Round 1: October 17 start weight 194.5.......... end weight 169.0..... 30 day round 25.5 lbs lost
    *****took 10 days off for P3: didnt follow P3 because of planned parties, Thanksgiving Etc. 6lb gain then 2lb load gain

    Round 2: November 29 start weight 175.0...

    Round 3 (hopefully final round): April 22 start weight 162.5

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    green- i would definitely wait on the surgery until you're at goal. also know that if you ever gain weight, you won't tend to gain it as much in that area but another area will get MUCH bigger. we don't recommend you have surgery while on P2- you're not eating enough protein for your body to heal. or if you're going to have surgery anyway (realizing this is sat morning!), stop the diet.
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    The thing about Lipo surgery is you will gain all that weight back quick? How? because when your body loses a ton of weight really quick it gives off signals to your brain that you are starving and a lot of fat left really quick... so it starts storing a lot of the food back into your fat and it cuts out a lot of energy since it is storing that energy. I did a lot of research on Lipo because I wanted to do a surgury as well. It is better to stick to this for a while you are losing a good amount of weight without triggering that signal to your brain. I have a friend who goes into Lipo surgery twice a year because she keeps on gaining and she told me that she is always hungry which makes her over eat. She tried dieting after the surgery and she kept on feeling weak because of it. She can afford spending $10,000 a year on Lipo but still has to go through all kids of swings in weight.

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    I changed shape and size so much in each P3 and the first few weeks of each P4, and not much in P2, that I would be hesitant to get Lipo because I wouldn't know where to get it. If you want to do it, I think it would make sense to wait until your body had reshaped and settled down after the round.

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    Ok, Lipo sucks out fat cells, so they are not available to be refilled. Losing weight simply empties fat cells. They are available to be refilled at any time. Most folks use Lipo when they have gotten to their sustainable goal and still have a few fat pockets that wont go away. It is true, if you gain weight after Lipo, it will mostly be in the areas that you didn't have the Lipo done, and can leave you looking disproportionate. I look at Lipo as a final sculpting tool, not something to be done while you are losing weight. Most surgeons will tell you that you should be within 10 pounds of your desired weight before considering Lipo for this reason. I hope this helps.


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