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Thread: Questions about lab values, hormones, thyroid, electrolytes, etc

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    Question Lab results cholesterol issues / low sodium and chloride

    My dr knows about my hcg diet, the sodium and chloride (I think bun) also was low but just barely. Oddly enough I feel fantastic. 20lbs. Gone! Her biggest concern is the cholesterol. The bad is too high. The good is too low and the ratio is too low. Since I am eating like no fat, is this the diet? Will it straighten out afterwards? I'll try to attach the actual results. She wants to start a low dose statin but no way in hell am I taking that.
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    Kats hasn't been around in a while and I don't know what CC is?

    lisa, much of the time high cholesterol is a result of low thyroid. Hcg lifts your thyroid but it will go right back to what it was after the protocol.
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