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Thread: Scared to try HcG

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    Scared to try HcG

    I know nothing can replace a doctors advice but here I am asking all of you with actual experience with this diet. I am 37 and need to lose 90 pounds. I do not have any diabetes. Occasionally my diastolic bp will be around 90. Otherwise bp is good. I also have PCOS. I've tried every diet in the world and this is my last attempt before giving up.

    I've read people have had heart attacks and strikes on HCG. I'm just anxious now after reading these horror stories.

    So does anyone have some comforting thoughts? I mean - nobody knows the health history of the people who had these heart attacks and weather or not they were exercising and taking other drugs/supplants too but I just don't want to play Russian roulette with my health.

    Any insight appreciated.

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    HCG has been used for decades by countless thousands of people, many thousands of whom have posted in these forums. It has been shown to be very safe for people with all kinds of medical conditions, including PCOS. If you have chronic low blood pressure you will have to be aware of that and make sure you are adding mineral salt to your water and foods regularly. But that is just a management issue, not a contra-indication.

    If you wish to go a slower but very healthy route, you might check out Trim Healthy Mama. It teaches you how to eat plenty of healthy foods to achieve weight loss and hormonal healing. I've seen testimonies from people that have lost 90 pounds in a year or two. A lot of PCOS sufferers have had good success with it, although their losses are sometimes slower than others because of the condition. There is a short overview in my signature under Maintenance strategies.
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    Who is saying these things about hCG? What horror stories?

    I can tell you that hCG is the ONLY thing that worked for me after all else failed. Since I can't afford bariatric surgery, my choices were to try hCG or stay fat. And, in all honesty, the first time I tried it, I was out to disprove it. I figured if it didn't work, I was only out six weeks out of my life, and I was off the hook on the weight loss front.

    But, 42 days and 26 pounds later, the joke was on me. I saw the possibilities, and I found myself wearing a normal size for the first time in my life eight months after I started.

    I have been at or near goal since the fall of 2011. I have backslid a couple of times, but that was my own doing, not the fault of the diet. If I personally am not diligent with my self-care, I regain. But, if I am reasonable with my expectations, and disciplined with my habits, I maintain without too much drama. The work I need to do to maintain is worth it so I can look at myself and be happy with what I see.

    My advice is to try it. It might just work for you like it did for me.

    One thing to think about: those who keep fear-mongering about hCG don't hesitate to support others who are going for gastrointestinal amputation. They keep saying how dangerous hCG is, but they don't stop to think about the risks of losing body parts permanently. The truth is that hCG is short periods of the same ultra-low-calorie intake levels one has to endure post surgery, but you do it with real food, and you get to keep your guts uncut. The way the hCG protocol is written also helps you learn good maintenance habits, because you don't stay on it forever. You have to stop the low calorie diet so your body can rest and replenish, and so you can practice not gaining before starting to lose again. Bariatric surgery doesn't give you all these blessings.
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    Great post, Carolina, thank you!
    My expert Hcg Diet advice is based specifically on the original Simeons Protocol and over 10 years experience as a weight loss and nutrition coach. Grammy's personal protocol:Grammy's Hcg Diet Protocol
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    Fwiw: I have PCOS, Stage III. Endometriosis and a slew of other things that prevent me from losing weight. I went to WW and had a personal trainer for one year. I followed WW to the T and saw my trainer 4x/wk. I lost 5lbs! And I need to lose about 80! So going the super healthy gym route didn't work for me. I was desperate to get pregnant and lose weight and had heard this diet could cause both weight loss and pregnancy. So I did it. 1st 40 day round I lost 36lbs. One month later-after 10 years of trying and specialists and surgeries proving to be useless-I was pregnant. So clearly I didn't maintain the weight. But I have a four year old, an angel baby and a newly one year old all thanks to HCG. Round two I lost 28lbs and round three I lost 37lbs. All 40 day rounds. So here I am again. Only this time I'm losing the weight to be healthy and not pregnant. I started at 202.6 and I'm halfway through day 3. So far I'm down 4.8lbs. My goal is 162-165. The only side effect I've had is crankiness at watching people eat brownies that are warm with cold ice cream. But that's a me issue. I also am monitored weekly by a dr or my husband would not be on board. I'm to the point where I know thanksgiving is coming up but so is Christmas and I'm tired of asking for size 16 or XL. So I'll eat a slice of turkey, fresh unbuttered green beans and smile big knowing that the day after I'll weigh less than the day before.

    I'd recommend anyone try anything twice. Once to see if you don't like and Twice to make sure you're right. If you're worried about the implications find an HCG clinic near you and go there to be monitored. If something doesn't feel right then stop. Sure-you're eating VLCD. But let's be honest, our body has enough fat to last us a lifetime so restricting calories for less than three months isn't any worse than excessively eating and where I was when I started.

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