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Thread: topamax for migraines

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    topamax for migraines

    I would like to start R2. I've recently started taking topamax for migraines so I wasn't on it during R1. I'm wondering if anyone has taken it while on the HCG diet and had any issues with dosage or losses. My Dr. is ok with it. I'm just wanting to know what to expect. What dose of topamax and HCG were you on?

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    I was just put on this med also for migraines and will be doing R2. I guess you can be my Topamax buddy. But I am finding that I am losing while taking topamax without dieting I just want to lose faster.
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    I take Topamax 50 mg at night for migraines (was also supposed to curb my appetite, yeah, right ...) I am on R1 just started P3 after a P2 with hHCG and lost 20 pounds in 30 days ... so far so good. I am stabilizing before my company comes for Thanksgiving ... to stay for 2 months (Yikes!)

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    Almost all meds are OK with HCG...every one's body chemistry is different though...so you need to wait and see. Preventing the migraines is important to your overall health, so the med is important to keep taking.
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