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    Thanks, hellopenny!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GonnaLoseIt View Post
    Thanks, Alouise!

    If you could describe what the International Prepaid Visa looked like, perhaps that will be a good way for me to give it my best guess. I'll be dropping by Kmart in the next few days anyhow, and if there is more than one International Prepaid Visa there, that would be very helpful. Hopefully, they haven't changed their packaging....

    So, as far as adjusting your dose goes...how'd you do that? Was it difficult? How'd you do it -- did you add saline or bacteriostatic water to it and dilute it? Or, did you just use fewer amounts to dose?

    I think what's daunting for me is...how much did you mix initially so making any adjustments was easy?

    Definitely...making adjustments is perhaps the most intimidating. Anyone have any mixing advice/recipes they've used when making their initial batch up that makes adjustments easier down the road? I'd hate to make it too strong and then have to dilute it....or make it too weak, and I'm stuck dropping hCG under my tongue for 30 drops at a time...

    Thanks in advance for any and all help. Thanks again, Alouise, for your experience so far! Invaluable.
    Hi GonnaLoseIt!

    Sorry I didn't respond sooner! I didn't see your questions until someone "liked" one of my comments on this thread!

    I think the prepaid visa was black and red? I will check to see if they still have them next time I go, although you have probably figured out a solution by now!

    In regards to adjusting doses. I usually start with 15mL total liquid. 3mL Silver, and 12mL b12 ( I don't use bac.water.) and take .5mL 2x/day. If I find my dose to be 'off', I then just skip an entire day of dosing to see if I feel better. If I improve the NEXT day, that means it was too high, so the day after that, I lower my dose to .4mL 2x/day and go from there. I think it's relatively easy to adjust dosage as needed.
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