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Thread: Hcg 2.0 411

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    Checking in. All is well here. Doing what I am supposed to and hunger is non existent most of the day.

    Day 29 for me. I am down 15 pounds and I am thankful. I would like to lose another 25. I am not sure anymore is realistic. We shall see what happens. I will be mixing a new batch of RX soon
    ~Bella Donna~

    53 years old
    Current: size 10-12
    goal: size 8-10

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    Well I am frustrated! Gain today for no good reason!!

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    Day 30...skipping a dose.

    mpd, sorry Gains can be fickle, Hormones, sleep disruption, lack of potty action, sodium, ect) that is one reason I only weigh once a week anymore. Just too fickle!

    Anyway! I am taking an internet break so I shall carry on my round and I have my head fully in it so I look forward to goal eventually.

    You all take good care!

    PS: Kmac, I pray things are getting better on your end! It was fun catching up Take care!!!
    ~Bella Donna~

    53 years old
    Current: size 10-12
    goal: size 8-10

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    Morning all,

    I'm back. My last injection was yesterday and I wasn't home to weigh. So, I used my weight this morning for my LIW. 139.2. Very disappointing for sure. But, there is nothing I can do but take the 8 measly pounds and move on. I can't waste any emotional energy being mad at the company that made the HCG or the fact that I was too lazy to drive 45 min. to my clinic and get it from them. I can say that I do know the difference when HCG is working in my body and I didn't feel anything past about day 12 or so. I should have gotten a pregnancy test but didn't. MOVING on....into P3. Big picture and new challenge. If I can't stay below 140 lb........eating clean like is necessary. Then, I'll need another type of intervention other than HCG. Cause, after 3 rounds of losing and re-gaining it is clear that I need to go back to the drawing board and dig a bit deeper on the issue of changing habits and lifestyle etc......I have the tools and resources to do it.......I just need a plan of execution I can stick with. Is there a P3 group active? Lordy I need it!!!! Plan for me is to continue with my protein and veggies. I'll use fruit in my no sugar/carb smoothies and add good fats in 48 hours etc......I'm not going to worry about calories. If I eat until I'm satiated and avoid starches and sugars.........I can't do wrong. (and yes, I know there is sugar in alcohol)!!

    I had a rough 5 days with my parents......both with dementia. My mom 100% dependent on her caregiver and neither of them can make a good decision to save their lives!! It's sad, scary, frustrating, and honestly.....unbelievable that my mom is home, my dad can't take care of her and I'm working from 4 hours away attempting to manage their health and caregiver schedule. Yes, Im allowing the inmates to run the asylum!!! (for now).

    I've got a much needed tennis match this morning. ME TIME!!! I'm sticking on here with you BD...........15 lbs. is awesome. I know you feel great!!! I know I sound a bit flippant above....but, I"m buckling down here......gotta finally make the change and the ONLY redeeming thing with this whole round is that I've found eating protein/veggie style is easy and simple for me. I'm interested to see if I can lose the last 5 lbs. but continuing to eat clean. Are you doing a long round here?

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    P3 Starts tomorrow morning for me. Weigh in hit LIW exactly this morning. Its going to be a protein and veggie kinda day!! KMac

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    Morning, Put putting along here......weight holding steady. Added avocado yesterday. Trying to eat when hungry and stop at full-ish. Protein and veggies is my game, adding some fresh strawberries today and have apples on my grocery list. Have chicken breasts in crock pot......continuing with my meal preparation so I'll have options ready and waiting. hunger coming back as well. KMac

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    Does anybody have the 2.0 food list handy?
    I tried to do a search but the thread so long now I couldn't pinpoint one.
    I had it before and can't seem to figure out what I did with it.
    02/28/12: R1P1: 219.6lb ~ LDW: 183.6lbs = -36lbs
    02/01/13: R2P1: 185lb ~ LDW: 149.4lbs = 35.6lbs
    01/11/14: P3P1: 174.3 lb VLCD1: 180.2lbs ~ VLCD51 LDW:146.8 = -33.4lbs
    08/28/15: I had my baby boy, 9.3lbs
    01/04/16: R4P1: 220.0lbs ~ VLCD37 LDW: 189.4lbs = -30.6lbs
    03/21/16: R5P1: 189.6 lbs ~ VLCD45 LDW: 161.4 Lbs = -28.2 lbs
    09/06/16: R6P1: (170.8lbs Pre-Load) 175.6lbs ~ VLCD31 LDW: 151.6 = -24lbs
    01/09/17: R7P1: (165.8lb Pre-Load) 172.6lbs ~ VLCD24 LDW: 152.2 ~ 2WK PI

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    Hi Sarah, I have the ebook and can send you screen shots if you want to pm me your email address. I'm in MD too! Columbia.
    "The only thing stopping you is you."

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