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Thread: P2 Mini Steak and high protein days?

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    Is there a similar thing for vegetarians? Similar to a steak day?

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    You'd just use whatever your protein source is and do that for your evening meal along with your apple or tomato while eliminating all your other food for the day.

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    So if gained a bit on accident in p2, a steak and Apple in evening? How does it worked, idid Apple days previous rounds for stalls or gains and worked.
    Started JULY 2015
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    I keep gaining 20 to 25 of it back, I take off 5 pounds myself and then I do a round and lose 20 lbs. So I have done a total of 7 rounds. I am on my 8th round, taking the SAME 20 lbs off. ugh. But at least I don't gain 80 back!

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    No, just stay on your normal P2 food. It will come back down. Steak days are not for P2.
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    Inspiring read! I am going to keep this in mind if I run into a stall. In previous rounds I ate lean hamburger or lean steak on occasion and always had a good loss the next day. I am an O blood type also so it is very interesting to see Beth's take on it in the beginning of this thread.

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    I'm going to take this opportunity to bump this thread (seeing as I am constantly lurking on it). Due to not having the chance to eat lunch today, I am currently preparing my "mini-steak" dinner. I have two 4oz 96% lean beef hamburgers cooking & already cut up a medium sized apple and sprinkled w/ cinnamon. I have been losing steadily, but slowwwwwly. Hoping this bumps my progress as I near the end of my round and upcoming vacation!

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    Just popping to to give the results of my mini steak (w 96% lean ground beef) & day. Down -.8 yesterday morning. Ill take it!

    This morning I was down a whopping -0, and I only had chicken bone broth yesterday (I have tummy issues and thought Id give my digestive tract a nice spa-day). However, scale is asserting that I lost over a lb in fat... who knows how accurate that is, but not complaining. 4 more days of drops to go and 1 lb left to reach my goal for this round!

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    Congrats on reaching your goal for this round, and thanks for the update on how it went for you. As Grammy says this is not for P2, but it worked out for you using 96% lean beef

    I actually missed lunch both yesterday and today, but just ate my normal meal that I would on P2 for supper.

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