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Thread: Pharmaceutical HCG Lozenges

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    Pharmaceutical HCG Lozenges

    Has anyone tried the HCG Lozenges? Should you still load and do the 500 cal, P3, and p4. I ask because my Dr. has been successful using it with both a lower calorie eating plan and without changing one's diet. The weight loss isn't as dramatic but there are losses. So I am wondering, now that I am in p4, could I use the lozenges to loose 5 more pounds while I eat p4 foods? I know this goes against doing the protocol correctly but I am wondering how his patients are loosing weight while eating normally at 1200- 1800 calories a day and more! THe HCG should cause them to gain weight, right? There are no phases with his plan either ya just take the lozenges. Any thoughts? If I do this could I gain weight?

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    This all just sounds bizarre to me, I'm sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubyred View Post
    This all just sounds bizarre to me, I'm sorry.
    Haha! Me too! Maybe I should just take the lozenges and then do the phases again. Hmmm. I don't know. I just don't really want to go through 9 more weeks of phases for 5 pounds I would like to loose but don't need to loose. Thanks for your reply.


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