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Thread: Pretty Darn Rogue - HCG and intermittent Fasting

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    Pretty Darn Rogue - HCG and intermittent Fasting

    This time around I wanted to try something different. I was planning on doing hcg 2.0, and I was already doing intermittent fasting. I had tried another version which was higher fat, so I included that as well. I eat in a 3-hour window and I eat a ketogenic diet. I don't watch my fat, and the intermittent fasting coupled with the hcg keeps my food intake low.

    I lost weight while loading (was already intermittent fasting) and for the first week, weight loss was 2.4 lbs, the second week was 4 lbs.

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    Hi! I'm doing HCG 2.0 too, just starting but I hate the foods. I've done HCG OP before and that's my main problem. I hate chicken breast, I don't eat shrimp, I hate fish if it's not fried, don't like many vegetables, especially without dressing...I'm not liking the protocol anymore. Did you add different proteins or food items?


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