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Thread: Rogue daily chat

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    Pb he is a doll! So happy for you! I kept wondering how you were!

    Pool my baby turned 1 on Wednesday! Rogue daily chatRogue daily chatRogue daily chat Saturday is her birthday party.

    I will have to check back later, just thought I'd see if something was going on here! I'm at work right now!

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    July, 1 year already! Oh how time flies! I am cherishing every minute with this one. Having older boys I know how fast it will go.
    As for diet, slow going but down 10 lbs in 3 months. Yes for hcg that's very slow but I've been very loose with eating.

    FMD info http://www.chewfo.com/diets/the-fast...oid-food-list/

    1/2 start 186.8
    1/9 181.4 -5.4

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    Hey PB its Cheri!!!
    Hows it going I have been on and off here been so busy and I been using some old drops I had from Mo. and now we are in Florida!! I am almost out of them and have been researching and wanting to get the good stuff!! found a page that was recommended through this page. So maybe try that. I know the best is the shots I wish I could afford that LOL but drops have worked in the past!!!

    Talk to ya soon


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    Hello Roguers!
    It's been over since I logged on here. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces again. I hope your fitness and wellness journeys are going well so far..

    Afm, I'm doing hcg for the 7th time and I'm definitely going to need another round to get back to goal range... I really hoped this would be my last round, but I was still binge-eating like a maniac the first 20 days of this round and then I finally got my act together. I'm now in my 1st week of P3 and of course I'm already having issues. I wrote this on an older thread but I thought this space would be better since there's a lot more friendlier vets here...

    Hello there,

    It's been a while since I logged on to this forum so I'm still re-learning how to navigate the pages (I see Grammy left last year ..)
    Anyway, I really hope someone will be able to help me as I'm having trouble stabilizing at my LIW and this is only my 1st week of P3. Here's a run down of the last couple of days;
    **June 26 @ 6:30am = Last injection: weighed 192.8lbs
    - June 29 @ 6:30am = 72 hrs after last injection: weighed 191.9
    *only increased amount of food I was eating (about 300g of chicken or fish and more veggies) and only one Apple a day. NO oil. No additions planned until next week

    - July 1st: #TOM- weighed 191.7
    - July 2nd: weighed 193.2 - No big deal. Still under LIW and still eat in the same food
    - July 3rd: 194.6lbs - .2 away from LIW, so I did a steak day... Continued drink loads of water (up to a gallon/ day, but tried to drink a little more that day)... Ate a HUGE piece of steak cooked in a little olive oil at 10pm. NO fruit and only seasoned with salt and pepper
    - July 4th: weighed 194.7 (?)... Okaay, don't freak out yet it's your last day of #TOM.. Kept up my water intake and only ate meat that day (left over steak from last night and plain chicken (no oil. Basic P2 style chicken)
    -July 5th: weighed 195(??).. Confused AF! Have a BM shortly after. Weigh myself again at 194.8 Soo... Steak day AGAIN. Drink plenty of water, avoid exercise outside of walking and running errands (I have been exercising since P2, and even then no more than 30mins except on yoga Thursday)... *instead of yet another steak (which I'm not comfortable cooking), I eat chicken. Almost 80% of a whole chicken. Because maybe red meat ain't for me?

    -July 6: weighed 195.6 (???)... What the actual F#$%*!!! Still trying not to freak out. Hoping maybe my scale's batteries a faulty (but that just seems like wishful thinking).. Stick to drinking plenty of water and do a high protein day (just chicken today)

    Note that I haven't yet added any new foods (this was supposed to be the week I introduced avocado, salmon and mixed veggies), I'm drinking water, not over exercising and TOM is done... The only "off" thing I feel, is my BMs are a little runny (sorry tmi), but I that sometimes happens during #Tom. I'm also trying to make sure I get plenty of sleep nightly...

    Please help me see what I'm missing and any good solutions before I lose my mind and dive into some red velvet cake or something.

    I'm still at least 55lbs over weight and the scales often get stuck around 160-175lbs, but I'm obviously a long way from there so what GIIIVESS?!!

    TIA everyone!
    R1/P2 (10/29/11) - Weight = 215lbs
    R1/P4 (01/03/12) - End of R1 = 195lbs
    * - 20lbs

    R2/P2 (04/07/12) - Weight = 200.1 lbs
    R2/P4 (07/03/12) - End of P3 = 165 lbs
    * - 35lbs

    R3/P2 (04/14/14) - Weight = 168lbs
    R3/P4 (07/14/14) - End of P3 = 150
    *-18lbs.. Dodgy round

    R4/P2 (01/12/15) - Weight = 172.2lbs
    R4/P4 (04/12/15) - End of P3 = 142lbs *-30lbs.. But Difficult and derailed round

    R5/P2 (01/18/16) - Weight = 195lbs
    R5/P4 (03/31/16) - End of P3 = _ _ _

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    Sorry Andro - not much action on this thread - I guess I would ask what you have been eating? Maybe trying too many new things - I hope you're better stabilizing now!!!

    You could seek out Leez for some sound advice

    Take care

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andro-MJ View Post
    Hello Roguers!

    I'm still at least 55lbs over weight and the scales often get stuck around 160-175lbs, but I'm obviously a long way from there so what GIIIVESS?!!

    TIA everyone!
    I"m a newbie on my 1st Round, so I'm not able to give advice, BUT just had to tell you that it looks like you were successful on your rounds before so you can do it1

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    Hello everybody I hope somebody is still on this thread, I am back!

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    PB, your baby is so beautiful! I hope you're doing well.
    Hi everyone! I've been gone a very little no time. Coming back for an October round.

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    Ok Ladies where is everyone, doesn't look like anyone has been around in forever. I know I haven't been but figured someone was still lurking around. Where the heck did everyone go? Came across this link in my favorites and just thought I'd pop in and say HEY!!!!!!!!!!!


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