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Thread: The Rogue HCG Saloon

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    The Rogue HCG Saloon

    Note: If you are new to hcg, enter at your own risk. You should follow the protocol as it's written first before deciding to experiment. And P3 should be followed to a "T" no matter what.

    This is a forum for the rebels, the outlaws and the pioneers who are doing something new and different. Come here to be safe from warnings, tongue-lashings, and general all-around disapproval.

    If something new or different worked for you, we want to hear about it!

    If it didn't work, we also want to hear about!

    No judging or "I told you so" allowed.

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    R5 P2 IM 175 IU
    I mix my HCG so I take a full cc for each injection. AND I use a 1" needle for IM.....so there!

    58 lbs in two 23 day rounds....it works for me.

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    58lbs...*faints* WOW!!!

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    psjack - what do you mean by you take a full cc?? This is my first rounds with injections (did hhcg last round) I am curious about that. Don't care about the needle though just the amounts. I had to have my hand held to mix mine LOL

    Elaine I LOVE the thread & YES I DID HAVE some cocoacrack last night AND my noodles just knocked at my front door YIPEE now to go find an all black outfit to put on with some black lipstick so I can hang out in here

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    Considering she named it a saloon, I was thinking a pair of chaps and booty shorts (show of my new reduced @ss). Let me get my Christina A. "Dirty" Video on.

    I have so many sins to confess. It is going to take me a min to put them together. LOL

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    I love it!

    I totally admire those who follow protocol to the T, in fact I read this in Dr Simeon's manuscript today: "The most tiresome patients are those who start counting calories and then come up with all manner of ingenious variations which they compile from their little books. When one has spent years of weary research trying to make a diet as attractive as possible without jeopardizing the loss of weight, culinary geniuses who are out to improve their unhappy lot are hard to take." I know he did everything possible IN HIS DAY to make this enjoyable for the dieters ad I respect him for it!

    Having said all that, I know I will slip off from boredom if I don't try a new thing or two during my 40 days. As I told Beestly in a private email, if it makes me lose a little slower, but I continue losing it's worth it to me to be more comfortable and **actually finish the round**. I'm on day 2 VLCD and already feeling like I am bored and limited. (I think I really need a decent grocery shopping trip and to get the Miracle Noodles I ordered today!)

    Thanks, Beestly - I'll look forward to reading what others have tried and what worked/didn't.

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    Yep...the only bad thing is the boredom of our selections.

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    I am a lurker and a I have broken protocol... I started my round with hhcg and switched to subq on day 6. I am currently due for my 40th injection tomorrow and deciding about adding 2 days for a Christmas boo boo ( I ate a small Christmas dinner) or not. I am at 25 pounds lost. Not super but I am okay with it. I drink protein shakes instead of my fruit... I chew sugar free gum (sweetened with xylitol). I have eaten miracle noodles twice and licked the spoon from my baking a few times. I have eaten one jar of sugar free pickles in the last week. I have eaten about 7 almonds....

    I am concerned for P3 stabilization but I also know what needs to be done for the next round. I would not have started any of this on Thanksgiving weekend and gone through Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's on P2. I feel I did my best...

    Oh and I tried cocoa crack today. Mine was nasty... I made it with 100% special dark cocoa powder...recipe needs tweeking I believe I will wait for P3.

    I feel better. LOL.

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    I am wearing a black leather jacket and bandana and ride a Harley.

    Cerumens, you're almost a replay of my first round! I had to switch from hhcg to subq on my fifth day due to extreme starvation. I also had protein shakes instead of fruit, and generally ate more protein.

    I wake up hungry and am too stingy to parcel out my lunch and dinner for bfast. It just barely fills me up as it is. So i am having a shake for bfast with MCT oil, no fruit or grain, and if i'm really hungry before bed, a shake then too.

    I *would* like to follow the protocol exactly, but hunger has been an issue i guess i'm not willing to put up with much. But i'm only on day 3, so hopefully it subsides.

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    psjack -- i have someone telling my friend this weekend to do IM with a 1" needle. Where do you inject? Do you not have a lot of subq fat to get through?

    We are both thinking of switching to IM. I would love to use a 1" needle over 1.5"!!! 1.5 sounds awfully long to be sticking in my thigh. And yes, those are stellar losses.

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    whoa! well, hell i have too much to write down right now. . . . . .but like katielunabella said if it makes me lose a little slower, but I continue losing it's worth it to me to be more comfortable and **actually finish the round**. amen sista! my ONLY and i mean ONLY reserve is stabilization. . . . . . .

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