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Thread: The Rogue HCG Saloon

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    down 12lbs to 262.3 from last week. finally got past my mini goal of 265!
    just thought I would check in and stay accountable! I've been missing so much I'm lost in the conversations :/
    Been there, done that, gained it back, and here for good this time.
    SW: 295.9
    Last - LIW: 277 stabilized 274-275
    CW: 272.5

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    Rilly that is awesome, good job. Woohoo on blowing past your mini goal now keep on going

    Aww sorry for the bad news PB. I have arthritis and bulging discs in my back. It sucks but what can ya do?

    AFM took DS to the Dr today, has bronchitis, got him on antibiotics. At least she said he'd be ok to attend a bday party this weekend at my parents houses. He would have been bummed if he missed that.

    Hit my UP calories almost exact. I am so flipping full right now I feel like I"m gonna pop. Bet I see a big jump on the scale in the morning. Will have to have a clean down day tomorrow. I definitely enjoyed my up day though LOL

    Julz thinking of you, hope you are doing ok

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    Well only gained .2 from my UP day yesterday, no idea how, I ate so much, even cookies to hit my calories. Now to focus on my down day, won't be as much fun LOL

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    Hello all, poobears, I hear you on finding something healthy you can live with....Im stuck at the same weight but going to stay with this for awhile, feeling good and my skin looks better....frustrating that the loss is so slooooooooow.

    Rilly, great job! We are around the same weight....I am dreaminnpg of vpbeing under 200 some day.

    Pb, i have a bad back and just live with it, iT comes and goes.....part of living I think. Most everyone I know has something.

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    Poobear that is amazing! What all did you get to enjoy yesterday?

    AFM up .6 today. I caved and ate half a bagel in the teachers lounge yesterday. Today will be better.

    Oh I also got my first stichfix box yesterday. I don't remember if I mentioned it but you put in your clothing sizes and preferences and they have a stylist send you 5 items to try. You send back what you don't like in a prepaid envelope. I was extremely impressed with the clothes. If you buy all 5 items you get a 25% discount. The total box would be $225 but if you buy it all only $175 average of $35 a piece. Without discount they average $45-$55 a piece. I loved most of it, a few were a bit big. I got a maxi skirt(which I just got 4 of so no need to buy another) but I loved it. I think I am going to keep the Cardigan and a half sleeve shirt. Unfortunately not a time right now I have a ton to spend on clothes. But I could totataly see in the future getting a whole box I love.

    FMD info http://www.chewfo.com/diets/the-fast...oid-food-list/

    1/2 start 186.8
    1/9 181.4 -5.4

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    Haven't heard of Stitchfix before. I always shop at thrifts, hate paying much for clothes LOL Glad you got some things you like.

    Oh goodness yesterday I had (not sure I should really type it all out)
    Big chocolate chip muffin (360 calories in that one muffin, seriously was there a buffalo baked in there?)
    4 snack size sausage biscuits with cheese
    Beef Fajita meat on a low carb tortilla with cheese, sour cream & salsa
    1/2 serving of sweet and crunchy peanuts
    Lean Cuisine Spaghetti with meat sauce dinner
    Slice of toast with butter, garlic salt and parmesan
    Homemade funfetti cookies

    Think that was "all" LOL Oh wait not all there was also some nibbling on corn bread in there and a bite of a cheese hot dog eww meds made that taste really bad, ok think that was all

    DD has decided she wants to do alternate days too so she is going to start next week. I think she'll do great with it. She has a tendency to try to go too strict then give up so this way she can keep treat and fun stuff in, just every other day. She already has protein shakes and fruit for breakfast and protein bars for lunch so down days won't be a big change for her, she'll just have to change her after school eating on those days, not going to have her count her calories, just alternate her eating. At her age/16 and weight no reason to get strict.

    I'll copy and paste one of the ladies stats from over there. Honestly if I was her I would have quit after the first couple of weeks because it really didn't look like she lost anything. But it's how most lose on the plan, slow and steady and she not only got to goal, she's stayed there for years and she's not the only one. It definitely seems like more maintain on that plan than any other I've ever seen.

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    Ok won't leave this up long but here is her weight tracking and notes. Like I said I would have quit and said to heck with this plan in the first couple of weeks, really glad I found her weight tracker posted to see the bounce as they call it. Now I understand how the losses work on the plan. She actually lost beyond this, she maintains at 120, which is about 8lbs I think below her goal weight.
    edited to say DD=down days UP=up days MD= medium days (some use for filler days when they need to change their up day schedules) UUAD=up up and away days/bad days LOL DNW=did not weigh

    6/9 DD- 171.5
    6/10 UD- 172.1
    6/11 DD- 173.3
    6/12 UD- 171.5
    6/13 DD-171.5
    6/14 UD- 170.6
    6/15 DD- 169.5
    6/16 UD- 169.5
    6/17 UUAD- 169.5
    6/18 DD- 170.5
    6/19 UD- 170.5 (TOM)
    6/20 DD- 170.5 (TOM)
    6/21 MD- 168.7 (TOM)
    6/22 UD- 169.7
    6/23 DD- 168.5
    6/24 UD- 168.5
    6/25 DD- 169.4
    6/26 UD- 168.8
    6/27 DD- 169.0
    6/28 UD- 168.3
    6/29 DD- 166.6
    6/30 MD- 166.5
    7/1- UUAD 167.0 (after a MD yesterday- I hate needing to use MDs!)
    7/2- DD 168.0- I deserved that- I ate a ton yesterday!
    7/3- UD 168.2 wrong direction!
    7/4- DD 167.5
    7/5- UD 166.4
    7/6- DD 165.6
    7/7- UD 165.6
    7/8- DD 166.5
    7/9- UD 166.8 wrong direction!
    7/10- DD 166.9
    7/11- UD 164.5
    7/12- UD 166.7 (last evening I was 164.0 and this will be a weekend of UDs)
    7/13- DD 165.5
    7/14- MD 164.0
    7/15- UD 163.8
    7/16- DD 163.9
    7/17- UD 164.8
    7/18- DD 163.2
    7/19- UD 161.5
    7/20- DD 162.0 (TOM)
    7/21- UD 161.0 (TOM)
    7/22- DD 164.4 (TOM)- What! I don't even get it?
    7/23- UD 162.9
    7/24- DD 162.5
    7/25- UD 161.5
    7/26- DD 163.4
    7/27- UD 162.1
    7/28- DD 161.3
    7/29- UD 160.7
    7/30- DD 161.9
    7/31- UD 161.9
    8/1- DD 160.6
    8/2- UD 160.6 (last night 159.8)
    8/3- DD 160.7
    8/4- UD 159.3
    8/5- DD 161.4 (Wow- Mexican food last night- that's a big bounce for me)
    8/6- UD 161.4
    8/7- DD 160.1
    8/8- UD 160.3 (I seem to be great at maintaining )
    8/9- DD 160.7
    8/10-UD 159.7
    8/11-DD 159.7
    8/12-UD 159.5
    8/13-DD 161.1 (ugh! These last 2 weeks seem like bad re-runs!)
    8/14-UD 161.1 (157.9 at night!)
    8/15-DD 158.0
    8/16-UD 156.1 (155.9 at night)
    8/17-DD 157.5
    8/18-UD 155.6
    8/19-DD 155.9
    8/20-UD 156.8 (Huh? TOM should be here in T - 5, 4, 3...)
    8/21-DD 155.9 (... 2, 1... I'm miserable would TOM just hurry up!)
    8/22-UD 155.9
    8/23-DD 155.6
    8/24-UD 155.6 (TOM)
    8/25-DD 155.6 (TOM)
    8/26-UD 153.9 (TOM) Whooshed past August's goal of 155.0
    8/27-DD 154.3
    8/28-UD 154.3
    8/29-DD 153.9
    8/30-UD 152.3
    8/31-DD 151.4
    9/1- UD 151.4
    9/2- DD 151.4
    9/3- UD 151.4
    9/4- DD 152.5
    9/5- UD 151.4 (This would be great if I wanted to maintain.)
    9/6- DD 150.4
    9/7- UD 149.8
    9/8- DD 149.8
    9/9- UD 149.8
    9/10-DD 148.9
    9/11-UD 150.5 (Got flu shot last night... feel terrible!)
    9/12-DD 150.5
    9/13-UD 149.3
    9/14- DD 148.8 (Recovered from the flu shot!)
    9/15- MD 148.6
    9/16- UD 150.4
    9/17- DD 148.3
    9/18- UD 148.3
    9/19- 148.3 Fast till dinner and then I'm on vacation!
    9/20- DNW
    9/21- DNW
    9/22- DNW
    9/23- DNW
    9/24- DNW
    9/25- DNW
    9/26- DD 154.5
    9/27- UD 152.7
    9/28- DD 151.9
    9/29- MD 151.9 (TOM)
    9/30- UD 150.9 (TOM)
    10/1- DD 150.3 (TOM)
    10/2- UD 149.0 (TOM)
    10/3- DD 149.0 (TOM Can't get back to 148.3)
    10/4- UD 146.7
    10/5- DD 146.7
    10/6- UD 145.5
    10/7- DD 147.7 (Mexican last night!)
    10/8- UD 149.0
    10/9- DD 146.5
    10/10-UD 145.0 (What happened on the 8th?)
    10/11-DD 144.0
    10/12- UD 144.0
    10/13- DD 143.5
    10/14- UD 144.3
    10/15- DD 142.9
    10/16- UD 144.2
    10/17- DD 144.4
    10/18- UD 144.2
    10/19- DD 144.2 (hum... how to get back to 142.9...)
    10/20- UD 144.2
    10/21- DD 144.2 (I will be great at maintaining)
    10/22- UD 143.2
    10/23- DD 144.3
    10/24- UD 144.6 (I have shrunk out of my 12Ps, but scale not budging!)
    10/25- DD 146.3 (What!?!)
    10/26- UD 144.2
    10/27- DD 143.5
    10/28- UD 143.5
    10/29- DD 143.5
    10/30- UD 143.2
    10/31- DD 142.3
    11/1- UD 142.2
    11/2- DD 142.8
    11/3- UD 141.5 (TOM)
    11/4- DD 140.4 (TOM)
    11/5- UD 140.4 (TOM)
    11/6- DD 141.1 (TOM)
    11/7- UD 141.1
    11/8- DD 141.1
    11/9- UD 141.1 (The anti- bounce. How is this possible?)
    11/10-DD 139.7
    11/11-UD 138.8 (138.4 in the evening)
    11/12-DD 139.9
    11/13-UD 138.3
    11/14-DD 138.3
    11/15-UD 138.3 (It's the anti- bounce again)
    11/16-DD 138.3 (so far the anti-bounce has never exceeded 4 days)
    11/17-UD 137.1 (bye-bye anti-bounce)
    11/18-DD 138.4
    11/19-MD 137.1
    11/20-UD 137.9
    11/21-DD 136.9
    11/22-UD 136.9
    11/23-DD 137.9 (Not bad after T-day)
    11/24-UD 137.1 (TOM- too early)
    11/25-DD 137.9 (TOM)
    11/26-UD 138.2 (TOM)
    11/27-DD 137.9 (TOM)
    11/28-UD 137.9
    11/29-DD 136.7
    11/30-UD 135.7 (slipped past goal!)
    12/1- DD 138.0 (that must have been the Chinese Food- salty!)
    12/2- UD 136.3 (Yesterday was potato only DD)
    12/3- DD 136.6
    12/4- UD 136.6 (Starting maintenance break through 1/1/13)
    12/5- DD 137.3
    12/6- UD 135.3 (maybe it was the loss of spinal fluid)
    12/7- DD 138.8 (I'm still in pain from the 5th- so maybe it's inflammation?)
    12/8- UD 137.9
    12/9- UD 136.5
    12/10-DD 134.7 (TOM again! Otherwise, I love maintenance!)
    12/11-UD 136.2 (TOM kinda)
    12/12-DD 135.1 (TOM)
    12/13-UD 135.1 (TOM)
    12/14-UD 136.6 (TOM)
    12/15-DD 136.5
    12/16-UD 136.5
    12/17-DD 136.7
    12/18-UD 136.7
    12/19-DD 135.3
    12/20-UD 134.0
    12/21-DD 137.0
    12/22-UD 137.0
    12/23- 136.0- Fasting till dinner- then whatever
    12/24- 136.0- Fasting till dinner
    12/25- 137.2- Who knows- enjoying December for now.
    12/26- 137.2- Plan to fast till dinner
    12/27- 137.2- (TOM again! Low cals till Dinner)
    12/28- 136.1- (TOM) Fast till dinner
    12/29- 137.1- (TOM) Fast till dinner
    12/30- 138.7- Fast till dinner
    12/31- 137.7- Fast till dinner
    1/1- UD 137.7 (Last day of maintenance break)
    1/2- DD 136.8
    1/3- UD 136.4
    1/4- DD 134.5
    1/5- UD 133.6 (new low!)
    1/6- DD 135.4
    1/7- UD 136.6
    1/8- DD 136.4
    1/9- UD 136.2
    1/10-DD 137.1
    1/11-UD 135.7
    1/12-DD 134.4

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    Wow Poobear that is very interesting. If you look at it in months at a time, the first few months she lost 5lbs each month. Can you send me a link for that? (I'm not sure if you posted already or not).
    At this point I would be extremely happy with 5lbs in one month.

    I finsihed my stitchfix online just now. I was good and only kept one thing. Got to be financially responsible But I already scheduled one for October 8th on a payday. It is soooo fun getting a box of stuff to try on in the mail I'm looking forward to it already!

    FMD info http://www.chewfo.com/diets/the-fast...oid-food-list/

    1/2 start 186.8
    1/9 181.4 -5.4

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    No I didn't post a link in here, didn't feel right linking to another diet site. I sent it to you though in a PM. What did you decide to keep the cardi or the top? I've kept several linen tops out of my inventory this summer they are just so pretty and I can list them when I am done wearing them so it's a win win One nice thing about selling clothing is I always have something "new" to wear if I want it. With the internet trouble haven't been able to list lately so haven't shopped in ages, still have a huge stash in there though. Need to go through my winter inventory and see what I want to pull out to keep. although hopefully I will need smaller sizes by then.

    Having a beef fajita wrap for lunch, think I'll try making up some ff/sf vanilla pudding with cashew milk for a snack, see what it tastes like, then have a smart one chicken and mashed potato meal for dinner. Need to make some homemade meals and freeze them, they'd taste better and be healthier but for now these will work for down days. They are pretty yummy and very convenient.

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    I went for the half sleeve top. I was iffy on hour the cardigan hung and my rule is if I'm unsure it's a no.
    Thanks for the link.

    FMD info http://www.chewfo.com/diets/the-fast...oid-food-list/

    1/2 start 186.8
    1/9 181.4 -5.4

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    I love the half and 3/4 sleeve tops, they work all year long. I like layering them in the winter with the under armour type of tops for winter wear. You are very welcome for the link. Hopefully you can see if it will work for you after checking it out more. Seems like most that are where I am (amount of weight to lose) hit their goal at around 5-6 months. I'd be thrilled with that. That would put me right around spring so I'd be cruising into the fun spring/summer season already at goal. Yay

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    Hello Ladies,

    I pop in & out of here every once in awhile. I am no longer on HCG/HHCG. I just got too totally burnt out on it & the restrictive diet. I have been doing WW the last couple months & have lost over 20 lbs. I'm hoping to learn how to control my emotional eating. I continue to read on this forum, especially the Rogue thread to see how y'all are doing.

    Poo - I am so interested in this new down day/up day diet you have been talking about. It sounds so doable. Thank you for posting the weight loss tracker . . . very interesting. I think I could manage this way of eating. If you don't mind, I would like the link to this forum, too. I am anxious to see how you & you DD do on it.

    PB - never heard of stitchfix, but sounds fascinating. Gonna go look into it now!!

    06/09/15 - a new beginning (217.6). . . SLOWLY, but surely!!
    09/30/15 - 20 lbs lost - (197)
    10/13/15 - JUDDD - (197)
    11/01/15 - 190.8
    12/01/15 - 187.0

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