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Thread: The Rogue HCG Saloon

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    Do you want us to start a new chat thread since this one is so big? Or you want us to separate everything into different sections instead of having a chat thread? Not quite sure what we are suppose to do LOL

    I don't think I have anything thread worthy to say

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    I just started a daily chat thread. Hope that's ok...

    FMD info http://www.chewfo.com/diets/the-fast...oid-food-list/

    1/2 start 186.8
    1/9 181.4 -5.4

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    Quote Originally Posted by poobears View Post
    How many days does this make your stall Andro? Do you have any other signs it may be a dose issue like weakness etc? Sometimes you don't get the bad hunger, especially if it's too low. Only too high gives you the eat the dog hunger.

    AFM went too high on the calories yesterday so just dropped back to where I was the previous down day. Knew the 550-650 was pushing it. Well did that one to myself so won't complain about it. Still ended my week down 2.2, not bad for only dieting about 3 days of it on down days and all the food I had this week. If I can get myself to I'll track my calories this week and see but I really really hate tracking them, especially since a lot of the things I have here aren't prepackaged, they are homemade so I dont' even know how many calories are in them to begin with. I'd have to guestimate a number and I'd have to go back to measuring everything out (probably not a bad thing) but really don't want to. Only way to really see how it will work though is to track the calories and do it properly. I've already lost a couple inches off my waist and hips so that alone is awesome for me and will keep me happy for a while.
    I stopped losing after day#5 and today is day#14. I never weighed the loading weight. I skipped an injection today so maybe tomorrow I'll adjust from 25cc to 30cc and see how that goes, especially if the morning weight still indicates no loss... I mixed Ovidac 5000units with 10(units/ml?) of Bac water per a YouTube video :s

    Hope you're having a restful Sunday y'all. I use an iPhone to log in here, so idk what the new changes mean. I hope it's not complicated
    R1/P2 (10/29/11) - Weight = 215lbs
    R1/P4 (01/03/12) - End of R1 = 195lbs
    * - 20lbs

    R2/P2 (04/07/12) - Weight = 200.1 lbs
    R2/P4 (07/03/12) - End of P3 = 165 lbs
    * - 35lbs

    R3/P2 (04/14/14) - Weight = 168lbs
    R3/P4 (07/14/14) - End of P3 = 150
    *-18lbs.. Dodgy round

    R4/P2 (01/12/15) - Weight = 172.2lbs
    R4/P4 (04/12/15) - End of P3 = 142lbs *-30lbs.. But Difficult and derailed round

    R5/P2 (01/18/16) - Weight = 195lbs
    R5/P4 (03/31/16) - End of P3 = _ _ _

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    Andro I'm going to copy your post and answer you on the new Rogue chat thread. Guess this one is getting too big. LOL

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    Where is the new thread?

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    I'm back!! My supplies arrived today and I will load on Sunday. Super excited to be back and things are much better and not as stressful!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by releasinglbs View Post
    wow I love this I am one who has stepped out of the box and off protocol many times to be honest I will have to think about how much I would like to admit...first I'm on p2 day90 down 43lbs with no immunity.... talk about being a Rebel and that's just the beginning LOL I've done egg white shakes, drank wine, chewed gum, forgot my drops, combined vegey's and ate sugar free chocolate cake at New Years that was heaven even had a few crackers and cheese OMG I have also had a small piece of high quality nutrition based chocolate more than a few times......

    I've had a few stalls but nothing that caused me to do an apple day... right now I'm on antibiotics 10 day round so not sure what that will do but I look at the big picture and stay positive I've gone from a tight 14/16 to a 8/10 happy is a mild way to explain how I feel can wait to releasing the last 20lbs and for summer to come.....beach time ....
    Wait so your on round 2. Oooh girl get it. Also working towards my dream summer bod. I had some hazelnut in chocolate yesterday ohh it was like I was dreaming. Still had a decent release of 1.0 lbs!

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    (Copied from another thread - as I do my P2 and P3 research on Plantain Chips)...

    You were in P3 and ate Plantain Chips with no gains? How much consumed and did you eat them every day? Details please

    I just wanted to add RE: Plantain Chips

    I ran out of breadsticks in HCG Phase 2 a couple of weeks ago (tomorrow will be my LIDW), and I had a few plantain chips (in palm oil w/salt) to curb my appetite/craving as a snack a couple of nights in a row. And, to my surprise, it actually aided in my typically slow weight loss (I average less than .5 lb loss per day in P2 - this is my 5th round). I have not only snacked sparingly nearly each day (as I would normally have a breadstick), but sometimes seriously indulged eating nearly a cup of them, and each time am shocked to see good results on the scale each morning. I am typically pretty obsessive with protocol, but these plantain chips are really working hard to change my mind...at least for my body in phase 2. I move into HCG Phase 3 this coming Sunday, and I'm just starting to explore the details more to see if anyone else has enjoyed plantain chips in phase 3, even though it would 100% be defined as a starch (and a sugar!) and not allowed in Phase 3.

    I do think there's something to be considered (for me and my body anyway) around that newer health/food-chatter and research/findings regarding Resistant Starch and MCT oils (which Palm Oil and Coconut Oil both are). I'm in love with these plantain chips. I will likely start out Phase 3 without them, to be safe. Depending on how things go, I may test them in week 2 or 3 of phase 3 to see what happens.

    Hope this information is helpful to others...I'm going to continue to do my homework. I always appreciate the forums when it comes to these nuances of the HCG Diet. Best wishes to you all!

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    I've posted this elsewhere, but it seems to fit here:

    I found I was able to eat Trader Joe's amazing roasted plantain chips in P3 without any problems. I think its because even though plantains have some starch, its could be that it is the resistant starch kind that is recognized as mainly fiber by your body. (Although purists say it has to be raw to be resistant starch.) I was surprised to find plantains on Linda Prinsters [HCG Diet Guide] allowed list for P3--not even a caution food-- but I gave them a try and they were fine. I used them (sparingly, because I was skeered!) as guacamole dippers or crackers. http://dailytwocents.com/confessions...n-chips-addict

    Another one of my fave P3 treats in P3 is the roasted seaweed (in the chips section in my store) So great to have something crispy, and its great to wrap around anything pretty much. If you like lettuce wrap type recipes, you can use it like that, or to wrap up leftover stir-fry. They are good though, just to munch on plain. http://www.traderjoes.com/pdf/onthecounter-seaweed.pdf
    At goal since 2015. \(ᵔᴥᵔ)/ Total HCG loss: 77# [5'5" 210-133] Maintenance strategies suggestions

    A full review of my experience with DietDoc and how the round progressed can be found here: my Diet Doc review and my Hcg coaching blog is here.

    Medical Disclaimer: My statements are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition.

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    Has anyone eaten chicken gizzards in P2??

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    I drank heavy cream (instead of the allowed milk) and coconut oil in my coffee. I didn't start that til about 15 shots to go (on a 40 shot round). I saw better losses after I started doing that. I also would eat about 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil before bed at that same time. And I always mixed veggies and ate many veggies not on the list including cooked carrots too.

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