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Thread: The Rogue HCG Saloon

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    GOgirl68, Should have gotten on the scale, you might have been pleasantly suprised. When I am a dizzy right after a work out due to low blood sugar, I eat a piece of no added sugar organic dark chocolate and still have great weight losses the next morning. Kinda like the cocoa crack everyone is talking about.

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    Oh leigha, i cant' imagine how frustrating that must have been!

    I know clinics mislead a lot of people, but hte one i started out at said the 500 cal was just too drastic for too many ppl, and that was what was causing immunity and causing rebound weight gain. So they had ppl eat between 800-1200 calories, basically as much as you could while still losing. That way you could stay on the diet longer and had better luck at stabilizing. But i don't work there so couldn't tell you long-term results, but i came to respect the doctor there and know her to have integrity. She doesn't seem like the kind of person who would stay there and lie to a bunch of people.

    I love peanut butter!!! It is a danger food for me.

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    Yeah, I was totally wondering how people do with peanut butter, I could wait until phase 4 if I must, or maybe the tail end of phase 3? I would love to put some on celery for a yummy snack. I buy the Adams Natural so it doesn't have any added sugar. I suppose it technically isn't not a starch so you would just have to watch the effect?

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    I eat peanut butter my last round and the ingredients said peanuts and oil...that was it. I seemed to do ok on, but I didnt crave it too much.

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    I ate it toward the end of P3 also. I was careful and conscious to not eat it too much.

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    I have been a pretty good girl (well so far it is only 5:45 pm here LOL) but I haven't drank enough water today that is for sure. I have been running around all day trying to get things put together for our vow renewal next weekend. Poor hubby has seen enough stores to last him a good year LOL so tonight after dinner I will let him stay home while I run a couple of more errand YAY some me time I can browse without feeling guilty LOL Anyway we went to Carls JR for lunch & I had the low carb burger (I actually love those things) tonight we are having tri tip, salad & the rest of the family is having rice, I will skip that. I finally measured today & I haven't had a chance to actually sit down & really calculate but just from eye calculation it is a little over 13 inches. That is a lot less than the 30 inches I lost last round, but I will take it considering I wasn't the best behaved on this round. Today I put on a pair of pants that I haven't worn since before R1. They have a little tear on the side from wearing them even though they were a little snug & today they were falling off I had to keep pulling them up LOL that felt soooo good! Tomorrow hubby & I are taking our 10 year anniversary pictures & I can't wait. Tonight I am thinking about doing an oilpulling (look under search for some info on it) so my teeth will be nice & white because right now they look horrible! I can also feel my body is starting to reshape again Much better day for me today can you tell??

    Smallbut- I will have to check out that website. I can't wait to make my oopsie rolls & cauliflower pizza next week

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    What are oopsie rolls and cauliflower pizza? Sounds adventurous...I'm IN

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    Small - check out this other forum that is where I got it from. I think you can also do a search on here for cauliflower pizza but here is the link :
    http://www.apinchofhealth.com/forum/vbb/showthread.php?t=5299 you can even see oopsie rolls underlined & can click on that for that recipe!!! Both are really good! Ok I'm off to bed to lose some weight in my sleep

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    GRRRRR................I was up 1 pound this morning what the heck!?!? I even behaved yesterday :/ BUT I also haven't had a BM in DAAAAAYS! Even though I took a laxative like 2 days ago!! Finally just before I got on here little bit finally came out! So I am just going to truck on through P3 for 2 weeks until I get back from Vegas then jump right into my next round. I will be keeping a super close eye on that darn scale these next 2 weeks. As long as I can stay within a couple of pounds of LIW I will not get overly upset.

    Tee - Ok I'm being lazy & don't have time this morning to go back through this thread. It may not have been you but someone was talking about using a different shake than Jay Robb. I think it was from Body Fortress??? I saw them at Walmart last night & it said 52g of protein? Plus they were cheaper than JR. Is this the brand you were trying this round? I am curious if it works just as good.

    Ok I am going to get the eyebrows done, drop the dog off at the groomers, then get myself ready to go take our 10 year anniversary pictures!!

    Oh yeah, my daughter is flying in on Wednesday for our vow renewal next Saturday & she has not seen me in MONTHS except for a couple of times on SKYPE (she actually hasn't been home since Aug/Sept). I can't wait to see what she says!!

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    Was down 1.0 today - my only rogue-ish behavior the last couple of days has been my veggie mixing (I'm out of Jay Robb packets, got to head to the store today). I made a stir fry in my wok (really loving that thing) with chicken, soy sauce (no sugar per label), garlic powder, salt, pepper, celery, onion and asparagus - yes *gasp* 3 veggies at a time....really the onion wasn't very much at all - maybe 1/3 of one, just enough for seasoning. And I was only going to use celery but I was making 4 servings at a time and I didn't have enough veggie so I tossed in the asparagus too. Yum!

    I'm was down 3.8 pounds this past week which means I seem to be okay with the seasoned hamburger (with serrano peppers and onions) patties. My losses ended up being a little bit better this week compared to the previous week (which was beef free) so its good to know it doesn't make a big difference for me.

    Annette, you daughter is going to be blown away - how exciting!

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    so far so good on p3 - no gains no losses! i will jump back into p2 in 5 days though.

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    Annette I am up a pound today too! This puts me at LIW exactly. I read the atkins induction guidelines and realized I have been breaking them with my grain-free cereal. So I'm going to vacuum seal it, put it in the freezer, and get back on task. I'm sure the bunless sonic burger yesterday didn't help!

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