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Thread: Really rogue for round 2!

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    Really rogue for round 2!

    So I went rogue for my first round of hcg by doing it mostly vegan and including things like almond milk, vega protein shakes and some other vegitables. I started at 153 and finished at 139.8. I did a 23 day round and have stabilized with no problems. So now I'm starting round 2 at 140.2. This time I want to keep working out so I'm continuing to do a vegetarian P2 but with more calories. I'm a little nervous to see if it will work or not. I am doing between 900-1200 calories. I'll be continuing to work out 5 days a week.

    My meals will look like this:

    Breakfast: coffee with almond milk and stevia, 1 egg and 2 eggwhites
    Snack 1: vega protein shake with almond milk and 8 strawberries
    Lunch: veggies and a protein
    Snack 2: vega protein shake with almond milk and an apple
    Dinner: veggies and protein
    Post workout snack: orgain protein shake with almond milk

    I'll keep you all updated! I have 10lbs I want to lose.

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    Here's my first update! I am on day 5 of P2 and am down 3.8 lbs! I am super excited about that because I only had 10 lbs to lose to get to 130 lbs! Plus I'm working out hard every day! So far so good!! Whoo hoo! My hubby is doing it the same way as me except he is eating meat and is down 3 lbs! Yay!

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    Good for you! This is the start of VLCD2 for me and I've already lost the 1.6 pounds I gained during loading plus an extra 0.8 pounds! Go Rogues!
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    Good job!!! It looks like Rogue is working for you too!!

    Here's my update since starting round 2 of HCG. I am down 8lbs today in 12 days (5 gained from vacation). It has been harder for me this time around. I think as I get closer to my goal, my loss has slowed compared to last time. Plus I've had more cravings. I am only 2.8 lbs from my mini goal of 130lbs! I'm eating around 1000 cal per day. I had a couple of cheats...(handfuls of nuts, vodka...oops). For the most part I've stayed to my version of P2.

    Totals since December 1st:
    29.2 lbs. lost
    31.5 in. lost (sum of inches lost from biceps, chest, waist, stomach, hips, butt, thigh, calf)


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