Im sure Im being an idiot here but what does the above mean? Its 'My HCG Way from frequency apps' Homeopathic It says take 7-10 Drops per day , 3 times per day. Then the drug facts state, serving size 10 drops, servings per container 70. There is a 2oz bottle, (60ml). So 60ml divide by 70 servings makes 23 days, 3 times per day at 0.85ml each time, ie total 2.6ml per day. Does this sound about right? If so fine but what about the 3x,6x etc? I have another bottle of HCG Ultra from another source. In fact it was off a friend who lost 23lbs in 21 days . It is a standard 60ml bottle as well. He has done his first round, lost his weight but barely used any of the drops as it says on this bottle to take 2 drops twice per day. Then inthe next line on the bottle it says this bottle should last for approximately 2 weeks???? How can this be? He's done his first round and lost his weight and still got nearly a full bottle. The make is HCG Ultra Premium HCG Drops. Can anyone shed any light on it. To be honest I used my friends drops the first day, I took 3 drops twice per day, lost 2.5lbs. Mine came through the post the next day so I took that one instead, 7 drops, 3 times per day and lost 1 lb. Today Ive gone back on my friends drops but am a bit confused to say the least