Ok on a more practical note
Spoil yourself
Living alone and knowing that for the next 6 weeks i am going to eat 100gm portions approx.... so i make diet time treat time... I get myself all the yummiest stuff off the list ie
Crab meat, shrimp, sole.... asparagus... strawberries... fresh herbs... at times i even treat myself to lobster.... simply because I believe I deserve it

Put it out there
Share with everyone in your space what you are going to do... report daily... let them know you are committed and need their support not to side track you

Buddy systems
The age old saying of ... unless you have gave been there, you will not understand... true so when on any project of importance I surround myself with people who understand the journey... a lot of my friends were complaining about lockdown weight.... i took action and started a support group with my friends... some started half heartedly some still making plans..... but I have committed so I know that will keep me on the straight and narrow because now I gave to set the example.....

Be vocal
Let people understand you are serious and that this is not just another diet... it is a lifetime choice you are making and that you ask them to respect snd support your choices

Standing up fir yourself is half the battle won