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Thread: Day 35, ready to go into P3?

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    Day 35, ready to go into P3?

    Hi there! This is my first round doing HCG and I'm 35 days into my planned 43 day round! So far I've lost 27.6 pounds, but over the course of the past week I've only lost .4 pounds. I'm beginning to feel very hungry (I didn't have this problem for majority of my round) and I feel like I'm ready to move onto P3 a little early. I'm a bit hesitant though because I don't want to stop early if my body will continue to drop more. But on the other hand, I feel this lingering hunger all the time and I'm ready to eat different foods. I was wondering if you have any advice or experience with stopping earlier than planned? Should I just stick it out till the end?

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    You're doing great! Many of us are fortunate to break 20 pounds for the long round, and you are already close to 30.

    If you are working on the same mixture you started with, your HCG could be weakening. Its usually good for a maximum of 30 days, but can start degrading at about the 3 week point.

    If your HCG is still good, you may just need a dose change. Skip your dose tomorrow, and if you feel better after 4pm and into the early evening, you should drop your dose. You didn't mention what dose you are on. If you are dosing in the 150iu area, drop it 25iu.

    If your hunger gets worse in the early evening, that indicates you should raise your dose by the same amount.

    You can safely transition to P3 anytime after the 30th dose. That length of round gives you a comparable stabilization to the full 40 dose round.
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