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Thread: First Day of Phase 2 VLCD

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    Wink First Day of Phase 2 VLCD

    First day of VLCD. The 2 load days are easy aren't they, LOL~ My weight is 161lbs. I'm not sure what my goal weight is yet. I'll wait and see what I look like. I will post my results as I go along. Hopefully someone else is just starting to.
    For breakfast today: Black coffee, vanilla Stevia Drops. I made it in the magic bullet with ice cubes. It was like having cream with my coffee. Not so bad.

    Lunch: Chicken, Apple & Celery salad with garlic, lemon juice, sea salt, cayenne pepper, cinnamon & ginger seasoning. Pretty good!

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    I am doing my first loading day today with injections. I have done one previous rounds with hhcg.

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    I'm also doing the hcg injections. How much weight did you lose on your first round? This is only day 4 for me. I've lost a pound per day. I still have over 30lbs to go!

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    For breakfast the last couple of days I've been going to Starbucks and ordering the new green coffee extract lime refresher drink. Way stronger than regular coffee and it won't stain my teeth! LOL!

    Lunch: I went to my local health food store and bought some sugar free all natural organic ketchup, mixed some organic horseradish and organic cayenne pepper to make cocktail sauce for shrimp. I also had 1 sliced up Jersey tomato with sea salt/pepper~

    Dinner: 100G Porterhouse Steak. I cut up an onion and fresh garlic and sauteed in some braggs liquid amino's and worshire sauce.
    It was awesome! So far I'm not hungry, lots of energy and it certainly does not feel like a diet!

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    hHCG R5/P2
    Hi ! I'm starting tomorrow R2P2 vlcd with hHCG. Doing a long round & just got back doing all my grocery shopping. Red meat made me stall last round so sticking to mahi mahi, tilapia, chicken, tomato, cucumber, onion, orange, apple & strawberries. I'm going to skip the grissini this tim to see if I lose better. Last round I lost 27.5 l bs. I'm hoping to lose 30 this time around, if I'm so lucky
    Goal 120 (highest weight 248 Jan. 2012)
    MediWeightloss Clinic, lost 52.4 lbs
    R1 hHCG lost 27.5 lbs.
    R2 hHCG lost 17 lbs from LDW 29.6 from loading
    R3 hHCG lost 21.4 from LDW 29.6 from loading
    LDW 129.2 total lost 119 lbs !!
    Next Round Jan 2013

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    Hi. I'm doing R1P2 Vlcd tmrw. Today's my 2nd day of loading & I feel disgusted with eating so much high fat food. I too read that red meat may slow down your progress so I'm sticking with the same type of food you've listed. I've somewhat planned my menu for P2 day 1 but I'm not getting enough calories. Aside from 100-150 grams each of protein for lunch & dinner how much vegetable should I be consuming? I got apples & orange for snacks too. Can someone share a sample P2 menu?

    Thanks much!


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