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Thread: Diet Variation on HCG

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    Diet Variation on HCG

    I have done a round of HCG before, losing 30 pounds in 40 days (I would have lost more but I cheated quite a bit). I attempted a second round but began getting sick from only eating such a small amount of food. I am wondering if it is possible to create my own variation of the diet with slightly more calories and different (healthy) foods and still lose weight? I understand that I would get better results if I followed protocol, however, i would prefer not to get sick again. I just want to lose about 10 more pounds with this next round....Possibly 15. It is going to be a 23 day round. Since I won't be following protocol, I will be incorporating exercise into my plan.

    My current weight is 230. My ultimate goal is between 175-180.

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    check out the Rogue thread it may help you


    restart 6/30/12
    2 load days
    restart 7/2
    w/load 188.2
    P3 17 days 172
    p2 172 load
    p2 171.4 load
    p2 D1 171.6
    p2 D2 170.6
    p2 D3 169.4
    p2 D4
    p2 D5
    after 79 days Releana
    last drop weight 165.8
    started p3 on Wed 9/21 17 days
    restart p2 VLCD Wed 10/10/12

    Total released 22.4 lbs
    Total inches 26.25

    goal 140 lbs
    swimming down stream!

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