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Thread: Doctor called today and told me FDA has banned HCG for diets

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    Doctor called today and told me FDA has banned HCG for diets

    Hi there, have posted here before but am more of a lurker than anything else. HCG has done wonders for me, I am on my 4th round and am currently down 65 lbs from my fist round in 2017. Nothing else works for me. I am currently 19 lbs from goal and late stage p2 on my most recent round, so was hoping for another round in the fall or spring of next year.

    Anyway, my doctor called me this morning and told me that the FDA has banned or is banning HCG for all weight loss purposes. Didn’t see anything posted here so wanted to share.

    Anyone heard anything about this?

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    Majorae, there was discussion on Lovely Losers that it was banned in California. Is this nationwide?

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    ketogenic diet - hhcg nasal spray
    It may be that RX hcg is banned, in some states. DietDoc won't ship injectable hcg to several states, including mine. But I can still get drops, tablets or patches elsewhere.

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    Hi, if FDA has banned HCG for diets in your country then you can ask your friend who lives in another country. Your friend can send it to you. But if you want another supplement then you can visit http://www.alveda.life/ here where you can consult with the Ayurveda doctors and use this AYURVEDA4U code to get consulted for free. I am sure they will help you with your problem or they will give you another supplement instead of HCG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WilliamCCummins View Post
    Thanks for the info.
    I have no issues getting hcg either from US or overseas delivered Using HCG off and on since 2011
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