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Thread: new experience - nu image

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    new experience - nu image

    I have had problems in my other rounds with forgetting my dose, so thought I would try the Nu Image tablets this time, only one a day. Anybody have experience with this method? Just take it for what it's worth and hope it works as well as the other methods?

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    The issue with pellets is that if the dose is not right for you, its rather difficult to adjust. If you find you are experiencing hunger or poor losses on the pellets, it is likely the dose is too high for you. Others have had success in this instance with simply using half a pellet instead. But if that doesn't fix the problem, you can't really do any further adjusting by just dividing them.

    However, at least one member has been successful dissolving her pellets in purified water, and then dosing orally to her correct dose. So that is a possibility.

    Here's a thread with some reviews:
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    Thanks so much for the reply, Leez, will try the oral route if I have trouble.

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    I tried them for two rounds. Never again.

    As Leez said, trying to adjust the dose was ridiculous... cutting those things in halves then quarters was challenging enough. By the end of the round I was working with pellet dust. I wish I had thought to dissolve them in purified water! (I had moved on by the time that success was posted.)

    The company also annoyed me. I submitted a suggestion that they consider making a lower dose or larger pellet to better facilitate adjusting the dose. Instead of politely ignoring my suggestion, an arrogant, non-medical person wrote back insisting that the dose is correct for everyone and said whatever problem I had with their pellets must be related to my menu. (That was my 9th round. I had my menu down and understood my dosing requirements.)

    So I think dissolving them would be great if you need to adjust the dose. Don't expect their help with that, though. I'll see if I can find the post with the mixing ratio and link it here.

    Update: Found the post with the mixing ratio, for anyone who is interested - Nu Image - Pellet Dosing


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