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Thread: Very frustrated!

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    Cramps from hhcg?


    Today is r1ph2d9 for me. This is my second post. I am so happy to have found this forum. I am in the midst of reading simeon's manuscript. Anyway, I am in menopause but have been having cramps that feel like tom cramps for most of this time. Has this happened to anyone else? Secondly, could anyone telll me about the coconut oil ppl are taling about? That is new to me. Thanks!

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    How tall are you? What is your goal weight? You are doing very well. Keep on pushing ahead.

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    hi there another very frustrating weigh in this morning.1pound up again!???????????????I dont understand I am 5.6 lenght.my goal is 130 and I am stuck between 157 and 159!!!!!!

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    DRINK MORE WATER! seriously! You sound like you are retaining water. Also, watch your salt intake. I know I use salt for flavor especially on my veggies! I feel very bloated today but am down another 2 lbs since yesterday. I drank 120 oz or more of water! Hang in there!

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    Hi there Vosta,
    Hang in there, don't give up. You are still loosing more than the average person would have lost without Hcg. Some people are different. Some lose easier than others, just try to stick to protocol. And DRINK A LOT OF WATER more than the average 2 L. I try to drink 4L of water per day. Also the closer you are to a normal weight for your height and the less abnormal fat you have, the slower you will lose weight. people who are 200 pounds and your height might lose faster but all people will eventually slow down once you are getting closer to goal. Try skipping melba for a day, drink more water, watch your lotions, soeaps, make-up. Maybe try light walking. And see what difference that makes tommorrow.
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    ok after almost 1 week of stalling now I have a terrible cold! I was 157 this am... I have 4 days off drops left.Should I just stop? Very Very frustrated!!
    I dont eat the melda toast anymore since the 1st week. I drink tons of h20. I walk 2miles almost everyday and ride bike. the only chane was tom and a cold. ugh

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