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Thread: (funny) When I'm skinny I'll miss...

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    OMG! This thread is awesome!!! You have already mentioned everything I would miss, except, I will miss it when I kiss my husband and our tummy's meet before our lips! Same is true during sex! He has lost weight too. Ohhhh, by they way, it IS true what Dr. Oz says about men losing weight.

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    This thread is great! Here's what I will "miss"

    -hiding the size of all my clothing from EVERYONE!
    -the embarrassed feeling I get when my boyfriend offers to give me a back massage and I know all he is massaging is fat
    -being disgusted with what I am seeing when I look at myself naked
    -my stomach hanging down when I bend over
    -the looks I get in the grocery store from others when I have even just one unhealthy thing in my cart, even if it's not for me!
    -my doctor telling me I need to lose weight
    -my grandmother constantly telling me how "plump" I am getting and asking how much I weigh every time she sees me
    -dreading clothes shopping because it takes me hours and hours to find even one thing that looks flattering on me
    -constantly comparing myself to skinny/fit women and then subsequently getting depressed about how I will never look like that
    -feeling embarrassed to even step foot in a gym full of fit, athletic people
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    OOOOOOooooo, I just thought of one:

    I will miss people saying "you have such a pretty face...". ( I have always hated that, why not just be rude and say "you'd look better if you'd lose some weight!")
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    Wow! Thank-you everyone! I feel like laughing and crying at the same time. It's comforting to know that other people also struggle with the same things / feelings.

    I just joined the forum and am on R1, D3 of vlcd. My first official weigh in will be tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

    I will miss having to push fat around while I'm showering to make sure I get everything clean
    I will miss the feeling of awkwardness when doing anything
    I will miss squeezing into airline seats, trying to keep myself squished together and still infringing on the other passengers space
    I will miss not being able to cross my legs
    I will miss not being able to breathe when I'm on the bottom
    I will miss not being able to buy cute clothes
    I will miss numbing my emotions with food
    I will miss putting myself at the bottom of the list

    The list goes on and on and is a strong reminder of why I'm doing this!

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    Someone may have said this already, but...

    I (won't) miss choosing my clothes based on what fits instead of what I think is cute.

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    I'll miss:

    1. Asking my friends to pull the back up on strappy/strapless tops and dresses so my wings/backfat don't hang out

    2. Trying to conceal my back fat

    3. Cutting the legs off of leggings that I have rubbed the thighs out of, and wearing 2 pairs to slim my tummy under dresses - No, I might actually still do that, it's more comfortable than a girdle and you can pull them up farther.

    4. Trying on several outfits to find what makes me look the least fat when going out.

    5. Hoping, wishing and adjusting myself so that I can click the airplane seatbelt with no issues - I didn't have this problem last year!

    6. Buying shoes a size bigger because my feet are so fat, and then having to buy the things that go in the back to close the gap.

    7. Calling my backfat a sharpei backpack

    8. Not being able to wear halters because of my backfat

    9. Not having a fupa.

    10. Wearing out the thighs of all my favorite pants. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2six View Post
    wearing black in 100+ temp (cause blk takes off 50lbs)
    Hilarious. My friends call me Batman - I have 11 black t-shirts and 6 black jeans in my wardrobe. They don't fit now of course.

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    I do NOT miss having my hips hit the sides of the stall or having to squeeze around the stall door in the nursing building ladies room because they are itty bitty! I get in and out easy peast now! unless I have my back pack with me! Then it becomes a tight squeeze again

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    Just a couple things to add to all the other things I'll miss that y'all have already posted...
    Having to take a shower cause I cant fit into the skinny tub...
    Painting/cutting my own toe nails...
    Tieing my shoes without gasping for air...
    Seeing my "cookie" without using a mirror...

    Something I heard some time back... " If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got "

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    1. Being asked if I am pregnant (or some other preggo related question)
    2. Looking a lot bigger than I really am because I am so short!
    3. Having my daughter make comments about how big my belly is
    4. Not having anything to wear
    5. Coming up with excuses to my deployed hubby about why I can't take sexy pictures for him.
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