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Thread: New to HCG Loading Day 1 and Feeling Nausea

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    New to HCG Loading Day 1 and Feeling Nausea

    Hi, just did my first injection today and I am supposed to be loading but I can't even fathom eating anything more than I have today.

    I do not feel well at all and I'm wondering if this is normal or not. I have a slight headache, and then I just feel nauseous.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Also, I had a little discomfort injecting and the area where I did it has been tender all day. Is that normal?


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    I didn't have any nausea on my two loading days, but right away on my first VLCD day I did and have every day since I started. I'm doing pellets so I imagine it takes longer to feel the effects then injections. I've been asking around if this is normal or not. My guess is yes, since it's a pregnancy hormone.
    Round 1
    load 254.5
    VLCD 1= 254.5
    VLCD 2= 250.8 =-3.7
    VLCD 3=247.8 =-3
    VLCD 4=246=-1.8
    VLCD 5=243.6=-2.4


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