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Thread: help phase 2 stall

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    help phase 2 stall

    I have been taking Triumph drops for 16 days and I lost 10 Lp in 1st 6-7 days and since then I'm stuck I tried cali kicker 3 days and one apple day I even cut back to 1 apple a day
    the thing is I miscalculated dose in isthmus week been taking almost double drops not counting
    and one day I replaced my apple with pineapples and that's about it
    No grave insult but I'm still stuck almost 9 days I'm in VLCD and stops and not even a pound down
    plz plz help what to do?

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    Those drops are real homeopathic so at least you know that's not the issue. I don't know what "cali kicker" means or "isthmus week" either. If you are saying that you miscalculated your drops making your dose off, that would be a huge issue in having further losses. Also, pineapples have a ton of sugar in them, so that would create a major issue as well. Those are not permitted on the diet and would definitely cause a stall.

    My advice would be to be sure you are getting the correct dosage every day and do not deviate from the list of protocol foods at all. Have you tried a detox bath? That usually helps me break a stall. Have you been going to the bathroom regularly? Most of us have constipation issues at some point or another that can keep us from losing. If you are constipated, most on here recommend "Smooth Move" tea.

    Good luck! Also, remember that it is called "Pounds & Inches" because you are still losing inches even when you aren't losing pounds!

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    Its actually 1st week but my kindle plays havok with my writing
    I did something more stupid yesterday as a trial and guess what it kind of worked. Today my scale shows that i lost half a
    pound so I say go stupidity
    I'm following the protocol my heart now except this tiddybit which I will tell you I cant regret
    You see I just increase my dose yesterday ; not as the initial but 2/3 as before and as long I see even the slightest drop I'm happy
    The Calif kicker is a mix of lemon ; chilli and stevia cidar vinegar is opotional its supposed to increase metabolism
    So can u plz tell me how to try the detox. Bath?

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    Well, it sounds like you tried something that worked, so that's good! There are variations on the detox bath. If you do a search, you can pull them up.

    The one I do is 1 cup of Epsom salt, 1 cup of baking soda, and liquid ginger. Put that contents in as hot of a bath as you can stand (without burning yourself obviously--just a really hot bath). Try to stay in for at least 15 minutes, but no longer than 20-25 minutes. It is best to do it the last thing because you go to sleep. Prepare to sweat a lot and to feel really weak. I can usually feel my pulse like after a good bout of exercise.

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    Thank you ryann I ll try it 2morrow after I purchase the supplies

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    lilies, I noticed you said you had pineapple and I wanted to make sure you knew that it is not listed as one of the acceptable fruits in pounds and inches. An apple or an orange or a handful of strawberries or one-half grapefruit is what it states. Just thought maybe that info might help since you said you were stalling. Good luck to you.

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    Thank you fufu I have been really acurrate about what to eat and not since then but now with only 2 pounds down in over 10 days I'm wondering if I should. Switch to Phase 3 and start over again with the Rx hcg I'm using now Hcg1234 hormone free and no result what so ever I don't think its working ( fifth day today only one pound down)
    I'm pretty sure that's due to caloric restriction more than drops they work great as placebo hhhhaaaa
    my question is do need to have the 3 days before phase 3 or can I just switch over ?
    Any help is appreciated ladies


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