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Thread: Help please

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    Help please

    I actually post this on Grammy's thread but didn't get any respond so I thought I should post it here since aim panicking about tomorrow.
    On day 21 vlcd and don't have any more cream what should I do should I start p3 in 2 days and then go to r2 p2 ? I can't believe it I thought I had enough for 43 days can I switch to drops to just finish this round please help me.

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    Yes, I do believe you can switch to hhcg drops. It seems your original intention was to go 43 days, so you may be disappointed to go into P3 after just 23 days. You can switch to drops now and go the 43 days, then go on into P3 as planned. Remember - P3 is three weeks. Best wishes for a successful Round 1.

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    Thank you. Now one more thing where can get the drop since I need it tomorrow morning and it is Sunday

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    Sorry, Sugar free, I've been gone. The cream is RX though and the drops are homeopathic. Personally, I'd try to get more cream right away instead of switching methods. Not everyone does well on the hhcg.
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    Sorry for the late reply, I didn't get the cream on time so I just did p3 so far I am maintaining pretty good no gain I will get my rx cream on Monday and I am thinking to start r2p2 in 3 weeks since I didn't t get to finish my last round.

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    where do you get the rx cream may I ask and how does it work?

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    I get it from my dr and I love it I lost 21 pound in the first round and then I ran out. I like it that I only use it once a day and I am done. I was hungry on the first 2 vicd days but then I adjusted my dose and I was fine.

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    Do you mean you get your HCG in cream form that you rub on?

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    Yes I rub it on my wrist . It is only available by prescription .


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