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Thread: Lesser of two evils - longer P2 & cheat in P3 or shorter P2 & no cheats

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    Quote Originally Posted by grammy1952 View Post
    Oh dear. What you're not understanding is that cheating badly in P3 threatens your stabilization more than anything else you can possibly do. P3 is the most important part of the entire protocol. What we've seen here on the forum over and over again is that when you cheat badly with alcohol, all willpower usually evaporates and the person eats all kinds of things that shoot their weight up. It's not uncommon to come back from a weekend like that and be up 10 pounds. Just so you know what you're facing here.
    Thanks Grammy, I appreciate your concern! I do understand how important P3 is, I read heaps on this forum through P2 and have seen great advice from you and Leez (as well as constantly checking P&I) so I understand that P3 is when your loses actually settle in and your hypothalamus resets. Which is why I did a 27 day round (I had only planned on 23 days), and will be into P4 for my weekend away If a weekend can throw P3 off, I wasn't going to risk it by staying on the protocol longer than originally prescribed. I will just do another round down the track to get to a healthier weight, which I'm okay with.

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    Oh that's good that you'll be in P4! Shew! You'll be more stable by then.
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    I know this is an older post, and I hope everything turned out OK for the OP but I wanted to share what I did, I started P3 after a 33 round on P2 because I was going to be going on a cruise and wanted 1 week to start the P3 transition. now the hard part... I LOVE my beer, so what I did for P3 was left carbs out of my diet on the days I wanted a beer and then only drink low carb beer such as Michelob Ultra 2.6g and now the new Corona Premier 2.6g I watched my daily carb counts and kept them under 30. I have been maintaining now since February (its now June) and have kept within 2-4 lbs of my P3 stabilization weight. I have more carbs now and occasionally indulge in a sweet (very occasionally) and will have a roll with my burger or an occasional (occasional being the key word) sandwich with Rye or wheat bread. I still consume low carb beer. Not cheating during P3 is THE KEY!!! Sugar does creep back in and I then get it right back in check, daily weighing and reading labels keeps things in check, you will know what you ate that created a gain and almost immediately return to your P3 weight. I have never had to do a steak day, and I think that is because I am daily keeping things in check. I enjoy ALL foods in moderation. not all foods everyday. For the first time in my life I can enjoy food the way I always watched what I felt a normal weight person could do...
    R1 IW 197.6
    R1 P2 LDW 178.6
    -19 lbs. after 33 days total P2
    R1 P3 EW 179.4
    R1 P4 MW 182.4 (up or down +2 or +4 only for 4 months)
    R2 IW 186
    R2 P2 W1 179.5
    R2 P2 W2 175
    R2 P2 W3 LIW 172 (day 23)

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    I think I was like that for years. I stopped monitoring the scale. I still am pretty good but maybe let my carbs and sugar creep in more than i would have liked. Glad you have maintained so long and that it has worked so well for you.

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    Hi Beautious - thanks for checking in and sharing your experience!

    Things did work out well - I was lucky and stabilised very easily in P3, even though P2 was under the 30 day mark. I cautiously added in foods, followed OP & everyone's advice on here, no cheating, and I was very happy with the results. I went on that trip as soon as I entered P4 and didn't gain anything more than water weight. I even just returned from a month long holiday where meals were just bread and cheese at times, drinking lots of craft beers, and only gained 1 lb! So I agree, a solid stabilisation is key.

    I'm back on here and starting R2 - I still am 5 lbs under my LDW from R1 in March (because of changed eating habits and intermittent fasting), but have hit a plateau. I will be going for a longer round this time, so hopefully P3 goes just as well as before!

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