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Thread: Losing Weight on Phase 3 - Now on Week 4

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    Losing Weight on Phase 3 - Now on Week 4

    I have now lost over ten lbs since my last weigh amount from Phase 2, Round 1, 72 hrs. I have't forced, just randomly lost throughout the past four weeks. I eat a good amount. I don't undereat either. I eat protien, fats, veggies and fruits. I have not consumed sugars, carbs or starch. What the hell is going on and how badly am I screwed for my next Round 2 of Phase 2?

    I am loading May 14-15.

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    Well, I was hoping for some responses. I feel like I am the only one this has happened to.

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    I wouldn't worry to much about it. I don't think you next round will be affected negatively. If your too worried add some fruit cheese and nuts and you probably will
    gain some..high protien makes you lose in P3 and p4. Which is why steak days work.

    Started at 179 (5'3") June 5th 2010. Lost 40 pounds eating no sugar, flour, wheat, rice, or dairy, and eating 2 times a day breakfast and lunch. Stalled at 138 for 4 months then decided to do HCG.

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    Since you are doing another round, it's not as much of a concern. Did you never add cheese and eggs?
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    Wow.. this gives me hope that I will lose on P3 and not have to do another round! Not protocol I know but I'd be perfectly fine with it since I never care to add sugars and starch back in anyway. I'd love to see if she has been eating dairy as well.

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    What about losing any under the 2 lbs? I've stayed close to 2 lbs. under most of my P3, and I'm p4 day 7 now. If I went any under 2, I would eat something, to get it back up, if it was .6ozs., this morning I'm 3lbs. under, do I keep it off or get it back up? I don't want to mess up my set point. I'm eating most everything, still coution, altho yesterday I did eat corn and mashed potatoes with my meal, it was early (2pm) I normally wouldn't have ate 2 high starches at the same time. I read where a lot of people are going under and keeping it. What's your take on it. Colleen I got to eat my caned green beans that I add sugar to yesterday, that you told me in p3 that I could eat them in p4,lol.. they were sooooo good.

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    Yes, I aeat cheese quite often with the meals that I cook.

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    A conversation with a "professional" - is this the only answer that will help me! (I HAVE included dairy during my first four weeks and never gained...
    Me: I would first like to give you the summary: I am now starting my fifth week in maintenance. I have consistently lost weight since my last day weight from Round 1 - not on purpose, and only occasionally taking a laxative because I wasn't having 'movements'. Anyway, I went out Friday night (6th) and had alcohol (what I've consumed on maintenance before, vodka and seltzer water), woke up on Sat (7th) and was the same weight as the Fri; woke up Sun (8th) and gained 2 lbs. I couldn't figure out why other than maybe I had too much Feta cheese, or almonds, on Sat (7th). So, Sunday I decided to eat all protein (chicken and tuna), veggies and fruit. No almonds or cheese. I wake up this morning and I have gained another 1.5 lbs. I am panicking basically and can't figure out why I am suddenly gaining...?

    Help: You could be gaining because you aren't to lose weight during that time, you need to stay between +/-2 pounds from your last dose weight.

    Me: Well, the thing is I am aware of that, but I have lost without trying. So, now because I am gaining in the fifth week, I can't figure out why it has suddenly started.

    Me: I think I screwed it all up! I guess I will post this in the forum because I can't seem to get a more specific answer.

    Help: I'm not sure, when you don't stay within the 2-pound range, it is easier to gain weight.

    Me: Okay, thanks for your help.

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    I'm worried about this. Today is my first day P3 (ran out of Drops earlier than thought). The only time before I have lost much weight was when I was running and doing high protein low carbs training for a race. I lost about 20 pounds P2 and am worried about losing more and messing myself up for later. I'm starting to train tomorrow for a 5K mudrun. I'm really trying to challenge myself and be more proactive about being active and am worried. Last time I lost though it took me almost a year to lose 30 pounds and I felt tortured because I REALLY limited myself. I'm hoping I can hold out and not mess it up too much with P3!

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    Could it be TOM? whenever I have gained in this diet it has been due to TOM. I also am losing in P3 (not as much as you but 4&1/2 pounds as of this morning despite eating a lot). I'm also worried about my next round, as I'm hoping to lose well again. Keep us posted.

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