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Thread: P3 sweets question

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    P3 sweets question

    I'm reading up on P3 so I'll be ready.
    Question 1) I've read yes And no to dairy. I've read yes And no to nonfat vs full fat such as whipped cream so I'm confused.
    2) are there any ice creams like Skinny Cow which I love that are ok to eat? I don't need one every day but a once a week thing.
    3) for dessert is yogurt and fruit ok? And there is the dairy question, should it be low fat/non fat yogurt or regular. Sometimes low fat foods have more sugar.
    4) I love oatmeal, again, not every day but is sometimes ok and what milk to use.
    5) how many carbs per day are after (in a number) I will try veggies, proteins, super natural and healthy but if having a shake or yogurt, cheese I'd like to know a good number to try to not pass as far as carbs go.
    Thank you!

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    Dairy in P3 should be full fat. But its one of the foods you should test to make sure it doesn't cause gains. Use heavy whipping cream or half & half in your coffee--not non-fat creamers. Once you know it's ok, you can use greek yogurt, avacado and frozen fruit to make a delicious icecream. There's a link to some of my favorite P3 recipes in my signature. The icecream one is included.
    Sorry, no oatmeal in P3 because its a starch. You can use flaxmeal as a hot cereal and add fruit and cream to that. 60-80 carb grams a day is reasonable for P3. Some people go as low as twenty, but to do that, you have to cut back on fruit, and you should be eating a couple fruits a day in P3 to protect your hormone levels.
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    I will share my opinion :-). But some of theses things are just opinion, and some are set out on the protocol....so you need to decide for you. :-)

    1) I use full fat dairy on p3 and after....less lactose/sugar then low fat. I also eat full fat greek yogurt - yummy and higher protein. I stabilized eating these things.

    2) ice cream? Hmm...I doubt you will find any that do not have ANY sugar or starches used to thicken it. :-( I read skinny cow's ingredients, and even the one with no sugar had stabilizers that are probably not P3 friendly. There are recipes on here for P3 desserts that might help you fill your cravings for ice cream without going off protocol. Maybe blend up so frozen starwberries, mix in a little unsweetened whip cream (you whipped up yourself) and see if you like that? (I eat blended frozen strawberries with lemon is P2 when i feel like I need a cold treat!)

    3) Yogurt and fruit - just watch your fruit...some you need to start out with slowly in P3...and make sure your yogurt has NO sugar or starchy thickeners. I suggest full fat, other might say low fat is better. Again search P3 dessert ps on the forum and you will find some yummy things. I only do desserts very occassionally.

    4). Sorry, no oatmeal on P3...it is a starch. P3 = no starches, no grains, no sugars. :-(. Read a out p3 in pounds and inches to make sure you dont go off protocol and get more ideas of what to eat. Some people will also post their P3 menus to give you more ideas.

    5). I dont count carbs, so no idea. Sorry. I have read that you don't want to go too high, or too low. I think Grammy had some info before on those number.

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    Hi I am so happy to have found somewhere to get answers, thank you for being here. Now here is my dilemma, I weighed 224 lbs am 5'2", I started the plan on Oct. 21, 2014 and actual menu on the 23rd of Oct. I have lost 7 lbs and am now stalled flucuating up or down a pound a day. I have not cheated in anyway shape or form. I am also feeling hungry after 7 pm nightly,been trying to hold my fruit until then or eating a half cup of veggies left over from dinner. I do have a hard time drinking as much water as stated I am drink 4-5 12 oz glasses throughout the day. I am taking the shots 15 units each day. I generally have one cup of coffee in the morning then my shot and a glass of water then one protein for breakfast. Is there something I am not doing that I should or should not be doing? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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    I'm confused. You surely haven't been on hcg since Oct have you?
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