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Thread: Ph 2 afraid to give up alcohol

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    Ph 2 afraid to give up alcohol

    This is going to be my biggest struggle. Giving up alcohol. I'm starting my vlcd tomorrow and I'm so nervous IDK that I'll sleep tonight. I'm planning on a 40 day round because I need to lose 70 pounds. I'm a daily drinker, not an alcoholic but a several drink a night person. I use it for relaxing, to comfort myself. I'm so scared to give it up but I know I need to. I'm desperate, bigger than I've ever been, heavier than I was 9 months pregnant without any of my 4 children. I'm so excited for results but so nervous. Can I do this? I hope so but I'm not entirely convinced. Please please be in my corner, friends. Ugh

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    This is going to be a great opportunity for you to see that you can comfort yourself with things other than alcohol.

    Maybe it will be a special tea that you find. Or maybe it will be something like a nightly bubble bath. Or a fizzywater with lime (which is a great device if you have to be at a party with drinkers in P2.) But if you are so dependent on something that you are afraid you can't give it up, it has a bigger hold on you than you realize.

    I wish you all the best. The protocol will give you amazing results if you adhere to it.
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    Ph 2 afraid to give up alcohol

    Iím right there with you. Alcohol was tough to give up. It made me realize though how many other things i can do when itís not a part of the equation. I like be tea! Iím subscribed to a monthly tea club and itís fun to try new stuff. Even bought a new kettle and teapot to motivate me and replace alcohol. Once you decide having a successful hcg round is more important than alcohol and find healthier subs, it will make your journey a lot easier. It may also help realize that alcohol might not be the best go-to to soothe and relax. Donít mean to preach but Iím a daily drinker and I donít want to be. I believe a lot of that contributed to my weight gain and depression in the first place. Try some tea and Zevia ( soda flavored with stevia). That has helped me a ton! I wish you a successful round!

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