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Thread: Second Round

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    Thanks Leez. I totally agree and if there was any way around it I would not have attempted it (especially coming off that disaster P3), but there was no help for it. I HAD to start another round and I HAD to travel and I knew there was no possibility of sticking to P2 while away. There was NO WAY I was going to compromise this round by not being able to know that I could 100% stick to protocol - so a PI it was. Unless the same set of circumstances happen to come up again I donít think I will attempt it again in the future and would absolutely prefer to just go straight through, but itís good to have the experience under my belt just in case.

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    D6 R2 P2 and I am down 5 lbs. Things are progressing. My dosage seems to be correct from Diet Doc. I haven't had any problems with Hunger etc....

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    R2 P2 D13 down 12 lbs. Still going strong.

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