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Thread: Starting New Round - Need Help!

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    Starting New Round - Need Help!

    Hi everyone -

    I'm looking to start round 2 in a couple weeks. Did my first round with the doc, but this time I'm going to do it on my own. I feel confident about doing it on my own but needed help with making sure I have everything to start the next round.

    So far I have gotten the following...
    1. Fertigyn 4 vials of 2000iu each
    2. Syringes box of 100 - 31 gauge 1/2 inch needles
    3. Alcohol swabs

    Here is what I think I still need: (did I miss anything?)
    1. Bacteriostatic water (how much?)
    2. Mixing vials (how many?)
    3. Mixing needles (how many?) I have 4 - 2ml syringes will these work? Do I need more?

    Could you please help me with the following as well??
    1. Provide me with the mixing instructions?
    2. Confirm the dosing instructions?


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    So I browsed around a bit and found this fantastic link:

    Here is what I figured I need to do.

    Liquid Mixing Instructions:
    • Vial of HCG liquid
    • Vial of Bacteriostatic Water
    • Mixing vial
    • Mixing syringe
    • Alcohol wipes

    Open the mixing syringe and draw the suggested amount of bacteriostatic water: Amount of HCG in Vial; Amount of bac water to draw - 2000iu; 3 cc/ml

    Inject the bacteriostatic water into the mixing vial. Then draw all the liquid from the HCG vial and Slowly inject the HCG into the mixing vial. Gently roll the mixing vial between your hands to mix. DO NOT SHAKE.

    Dosing Amount / Instructions:
125iu = .25 or 25 on an insulin syringe
    150iu = .30 or 30 on an insulin syringe
    175iu = .35 or 35 on an insulin syringe
    200iu = .40 or 40 on an insulin syringe

    Can anyone confirm the above? I'm looking to do the 40day cycle and I don't want to leave anything to interpretation.

    How much Bacteriostatic Water will I need? Once I open the vial and use this water do I need to throw the rest or can I use it again? How long will this last? Can I use my 2ml syringe and take out the water twice from the vial to add the required 3ml to the mix or should I use two separate syringes?

    Also, how many mixing vials will I need for a 40 day cycle?

    Sorry about all the questions... Thanks in advance!!

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    Is the fertigyn liquid? Comes premixed with 1ml bac water? Never used that brand so unsure. If it is, then your take the other 3ml of bac water from the bac water bottle using the mixing syringe and inject into the mixing vial. You want to do this first so you dont contaminate the remaining bac water. You can use it to remix up until the 30th day. Any bac water left after 30 days needs to be discarded so for a 40 injection round, you will need to purchase 2 bac waters. Then you take the liquid hcg from the vial and inject into the mixing vial. You need a 1 1/2 inch mixing syringe so you can get to the bottom of the hcg vial. And yes you can use the 2ml syringes if they are long enough and draw the bac water out twice but need a new syringe for each vial of hcg and a new mixing vial too. Since you have 4 vials of hcg you can remix every 10 injections which means your hcg will be at maximum potency for the entire round. You will dose at either 150ius(30units on the syringe) or 125ius(25 units).
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    Thanks ginger!! I was waiting to hear back from someone before ordering. Will do that today so I can start my round in the next couple weeks. Thanks again.

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    R5/ injections Last round finally!
    Glad to help.
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    Hi Phenomenon, I plan to load April 7-9th. This will be my 2nd time around. I lost over 20 last August and gained 6-7 back the last few months because I started drinking wine every night and stopped eating intentionally! So, I'm back to get rid of the 6-7 plus 6-7 more. I'm hoping to lose about 15 pounds. I'm 50 years old and that will put me about about where I was before menopause. I'd love a buddy through this..........this forum definitely helped last time around. KMac

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    I've decided to load a few days early (the last 3 days of a mini trip to Mexico). Should be a breeze as I'm staying in a nice all inclusive and can have all the avocado I want!! This is my 2nd round and I did have difficulty loading last time because I felt guilty. This time around I'm going to think "healthy fats" and lose the guilt. I'm loading April 4-6th. My clinic recommends a 3 day load. LOOKING FOR PHASE 2 BUDDIES!!! I'll be out of pocket for the load but will jump back to the forum when phase 2 starts. Would enjoy starting an April loading thread but I'm not sure how to start the thread. Any helpers, takers, joiners? KMac

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    I'm New!
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    Hi, KMac! I'm new to the boards, but love it here already. I'm on day 6 of VLCD. I've lost 7 lbs.


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