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Thread: If you want to succeed- READ

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    Smile If you want to succeed- READ

    Hello everyone!
    I have done several rounds (maybe more) of HCG and wanted to share some tips for success and my observations. HCG can change your life too.
    the quick of the below: STAY ON PROTOCOL- even when you have had amazing losses after Phase 2.... stay on protocol fully until phase 4 - don't mess with the science behind it. Stuff above what my blonde haired brain can comprehend occurs in the body and I don't intend on ever messing with the protocol again.
    STAY ON PROTOCOL!!! - ok I'm done preaching- good luck to you all and read on if you want to learn how and why I failed last round.

    I'm one of those tried fad diets, weight watchers, you name it, ALWAYS worked out like a crazy woman while eating 1300 calories a day banging my head against the wall wondering why I couldn't lose weight.
    Enter HCG 8 years ago after I was desperate after an adrenal fatigue bout and quickly gained weight. For the most part over these past 8 years I have been in the BEST shape of my life thanks to HCG and the protocol. I'll explain why this year Im back on the site thinking about doing the protocol again.

    There's that word again, "protocol". I became arrogant last year after my partial hysterectomy got lazy with my eating and thought, I've done this before, I got this. I went rogue and didn't fully follow the protocol. Had a few drinks, ate a steak dinner here and there (Just hold the butter, followed by another drink and another steak dinner with just 2 weeks left of phase 2, etc) then after phase 2 stabilized pretty well on phase 3. I thought I was in the clear until week 3 of phase 3. I was still pretty arrogant at this point because I had stabilized for the most part and started to sneak a carb here and a sugar there because I had these cravings. I noticed that my control and relationship with food was WAAAAAAAAAAAY out whack. nothing like my prior HCG rounds. I craved sugar and sweets and everything bad. I didn't even eat this way prior to starting HCG 8 years ago, why are my cravings so uncontrollable. (not because of hysterectomy- I still have ovaries and they still work- yay!!) I know its because I went off protocol in phase 2 and cheated alot in phase 3. You might lose the weight and think all is well, but it can bite you in the butt (Literally) months later. Personally Id rather skip the drinks and butter on steak during phase 2 , maybe a handful of mints from the restaurant vs fighting hourly cravings and possible huge weight gains in the future. Also note that I'm lucky I've only gained about 8 pounds but my body looks like I've gained 30 and I'm 2 sizes bigger. Another interesting thing is that I only eat maybe 1000 calories a day, 1500 if I eat really bad. During my last 8 years, had the best body ever while eating 2000 calories a day, and if I worked out, Id add back in at least a portion of those calories. Its funny, 2000 + workout calories, best body ever.... starving, worst body every. huh

    I truly believe this protocol works 1000000000% and have years of proof this works, If you mess with it and deviate from it dire consequences can occur. There are plenty of people who do HCG rogue or 2.0. I envy them, I thought I was one of those lucky people but sadly I am not. I wish everyone the best of luck and hope this post helps at least 1 person out there on their Journey. This stuff is the best!!!!!!!! I look forward to doing the protocol again the right way and resetting.
    R3 injections June 2014: (Vanity Round)
    Load weight 138
    to date: 14 pounds/15 inches lost
    LIW: 124.4- Stabilized at 126.4

    R2 Injections April 2013
    Total weight loss: 16.4 lbs
    Total Inches: 15
    LIW: 133.4 Stabilized 130-133 @ 12 month mark

    R1 injections March 2012:
    Total weight loss: 15.8 lbs
    Total inches: 24.25
    LIW: 141.6 Stabilized 140.6 (4 month mark) (141-144 @ 8 month mark)

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    Thank you for sharing your experience. It's really interesting to me how often I have heard people report that going off protocol in P2 results in issues weeks or months later (and of course, there are those lucky ones who don't have that problem). It's a great reminder and an encouragement to stick to it even on those difficult days. This is such a strange protocol.


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