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Thread: Thm S meals on HCG P3

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    Thm S meals on HCG P3

    Does anyone see any reason following thm S meals for P3 would be a bad idea? Its no starch and no sugar so I dont see why it wouldnt work?
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    It would work if you stuck to S and FP meals and eliminated E meals, as those include grains and starchy vegetables. You couldn't really do E meals at all on P3. THM is fine for P4 though.

    You'd have to be careful not to use the frankenfoods, like low carb wraps and crackers that are allowed in S meals, but other than that, S meals are great for P3.
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    What are THM S meals?

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    Trim Healthy Mama is an eating plan. I use their cookbook a lot and really like it. I think just about everyone would love that cookbook even if they had no interest in the diet plan. I think their plan is good, but it isn't my preferred way of eating so I don't follow their guidelines. I think it's been fabulously successful for a lot of other people, however. I prefer to eat fat with my starches since I'm more of a Weston A. Price Foundation-style eater.

    There are 3 types of THM meals. S meals (Satisfying) contain mostly fat and protein with few starches/sugars. E meals (Energizing) contain mostly healthy carbs and protein with limited fat. FP meals (Fuel Pull) are low in both fat and carbs. There are also crossover meals and S helpers, but that would make this explanation too long.

    Basically, it's a type of food combining diet. You eat meals with either protein and fat or with protein and carbs. But you don't combine carbs and fat. You can have both S&E meals in the same day, but you have to leave a couple hours between eating an S and an E.

    edited to add, I'm no expert on the plan so if anyone who is wants to correct me, please do.


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