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Thread: Last week of P2 need advice

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    Last week of P2 need advice

    Quick rundown on me. This is my third try on HCG, Ive successfully lost each time around 30+- lbs. I do awesome until the last two weeks each time. The last two weeks I crash with low energy, emotionally erratic, and come off poorly and disorganized. (I have gained back 60% of my weight each time. This time my goal is to come off a little better to sustain the weight loss that i keep adding back on within the year after. So #1, why does this happen? Adrenal or thyroid stress? (I have chronic lyme and hormone issues, so this wouldnt be a surprise) #2, is there a way to manage this without just stopping early? Im one week shy of day 42) Ive been adding coconut oil into my day (maybe a teaspoon) and I did too much excerize, is that why?
    #3, should I just come off and put my small energy into organizing a p3 better?
    Yesterday I was teary and exhausted. I slept four hours in the middle of the day, and went out for dinner and ate poorly. I can see some emotional eating going on, and Im ready to tackle that.. just want to use my hcg protocal to seperate whats emotional from whats medical? Any help?

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    Are you doing the shot skip days on your long rounds? If not, you can become immune to HCG and run into issues.

    I have never added the coconut oil in, but I have read widely varying results from using it, so I can't venture a guess about that.

    Exercise beyond just walking could also be the culprit. If you are doing 500 calories, the exercise could be putting too much strain on your system.

    If you are really at your wits end and near your goal weight, have you considered adding in just a little more of the P2 proteins and skipping the coconut oil?
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    I look at P3 as a new journey and am not afraid of it. I don't add mct oil until P3, and in P3 make sure to get lots of fat in. I do try to organize myself for P3, much the same as P2 except now you can have more. I have more trouble with P4 , and had to learn to organize myself there as well. Make sure to have healthy snacks in between meals.
    P2, I only walk and don't overdo exercise. It is not needed with hcg.

    Try reading up on Trim Healthy Mamas. There are plans for every type of person there, and its a good way of eating. Stress is terrible for weight gain and a lot of people do stress about Phase 3 and how it will go, but just take one day at a time and weigh in daily, so you can track what foods might trigger a gain or not.

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    When I was on P2 I stuck to Dr. Simeon's protocol and that didn't include coconut oil. When was that added?

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    It hasn't been added. Some people think it helps them lose. For most, it will stall us or make us gain.

    And no one really knows how it affects stabilization in P3. Its one of those experiments you can try if you want to. But for me, finally finding something that actually worked was so miraculous, I didn't want to mess with it.
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    It sounds as though you are becoming immune to the HCG. Better to go into phase 3, do it correctly, and in 6-8 weeks do another 3 week round to get the last bit of weight off.
    The last days on long protocols you barely lose any weight and you may not feel great, so better to two short rounds! Good luck!

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    " Ive been adding coconut oil into my day (maybe a teaspoon)"

    This is probably the issue. The original protocol doesn't even want you to touch fat (shampoo, makeup, etc..) so taking it would be totally out of the question. I know if Grammy were here she would hit on this right away. I have heard of people doing this and while it doesnt always result in a lack of loss (though how would you know if you would have lost more without it) it seems to hinder stabilization. After watching Robin Woodall's video this may be because it effected the leptin levels.

    Sadly there is so much "extra" info out there now. When something works, everyone wants to jump on the money making train and come up with all kinds of suggestions. If you havent yet, I would suggest reading "Pounds and Inches".

    Here is a favorite blogger of mine and her take on the coconut oil and then the author of Weight Loss Apocalypse did a short video.


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    As an experiment for a doctor friend, I did a round with coconut oil. I lost very poorly and then regained every pound when I came off. I called it an epic fail but everyone is different. Your problem is most likely the other health problems, especially the thyroid/adrenal axis.

    Often people with health problems have underlying food sensitivity issues which is why hcg is usually so helpful for them. They eliminate all the common allergens. I would suggest when you get to P4 you check out The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas. It's super helpful in pinpointing exactly what is causing you to gain. You can't really do it until P4 though because some of the food tests involved starch and grains. In meantime as you enter P3, try adding only 1 iffy food at a time and eat for 3-5 days at a time and see if it bumps up your weight. Iffy foods would be eggs, dairy, nuts, and seafood like shrimp or crab. Gluten is off the table anyway because there are no grains allowed but do check labels carefully to make sure you're not getting added sugar or gluten in anything. Corn is also a big problem for many but again it's not added until P4 anyway but check labels for cornstarch.

    Good luck!
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    I did hcg last year around December 2014 and had over 30 pounds in losses (23 days round). I did it under doctors supervision. I would always find your posts on these threads and follow the tips you'd give. You're amazing! So want to say thanks!!!!
    Now I am down to 116 lbs and attempting to do another round of 23 days since my wedding is coming up and I just want to lose those stubborn last 10 pounds. I got my shots from ushcgshots this time around (they sound legit?) and I am on P2D5 with only 3 pounds down.
    I woke up to losses on day 3, but then had strawberries and beef on the same day on PSD3 and woke up with a gain on D4. Now I'm on day 5, and had 0.2 gain. A few things I'm thinking:
    1) I don't have enough weight on me to lose? But I'd like to hope otherwise
    2) the beef caused the stall, along with the strawberries?
    3) just realized I used stevia in the raw (3 packets on D4, which may have led to weight gain today)
    4) I had cod on day 3 not sure if that caused it?
    5) I'm using too much salt on my food..
    And now I've run of things I may be doing wrong.
    My mom told me to eat different veggie per meal and not eat the veggie for lunch and dinner, any thoughts?

    I'm struggling because im only 3 weeks away from my wedding and not even making a dent in where I want to be in terms of my weight. I do feel my pants getting looser so not sure if my weight will also eventually come off once I stay away from stevia and beef.
    I would appreciate any guidance or any tips you can give me. I'm started to feeling so upset and losing motivation.

    Thanks Grammy!


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