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Thread: Who exercises with HCG?

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    Who exercises with HCG?

    I was an HCGer in 2011 and was very successful, stress and medical problems and bam - weight gain! I'm back mentally and ready to get this weight off that I have regained. I would like to incorporate some exercise into my life this time while doing HCG, wondering who exercises? How much do you exercise and does it affect your weightloss?
    I try and stick to Dr. Simeon's original protocol as possible, I know he didn't recommend heavy exercise just some light walking.

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    Myself I just walk. But I walk all the time whether on hcg or not. I know its not needed to lose the weight. You will lose anyway. The protocol itself does all the work, and reshapes your body by end of P4.
    I am sure other who exercise will chime in.

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    Here's what Dr. Simeons said about exercise in Pounds & Inches, "We encourage swimming and sun bathing during treatment, but it should be remembered that a severe sunburn always produces a temporary rise in weight, evidently due to water retention. The same may be seen when a patient gets a common cold during treatment. Finally, the weight can temporarily increase - paradoxical though this may sound - after an exceptional physical exertion of long duration leading to a feeling of exhaustion. A game of tennis, a vigorous swim, a run, a ride on horseback or a round of golf do not have this effect; but a long trek, a day of skiing, rowing or cycling or dancing into the small hours usually result in a gain of weight on the following day, unless the patient is in perfect training. In patients coming from abroad, where they always use their cars, we often see this effect after a strenuous day of shopping on foot, sightseeing and visits to galleries and museums. Though the extra muscular effort involved does consume some additional Calories, this appears to be offset by the retention of water which the tired circulation cannot at once eliminate."

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    I was hoping I could continue working out -- thinking about restarting PIYO


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