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Thread: Need HCG Diet Plan

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    Red face Need HCG Diet Plan

    I purchased the GNC HCG Activator pills but the diet plan in the box was mistakenly thrown away. Does anyone have this information that they could email me? I need all 4 phases.


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    I don't think the pills you bought are hcg are they? They are just aminio acids? GNC recently got in trouble for passing off aminio acids as HCG.

    The real diet is here:

    The menu is here:

    Unless they list HCG on the ingredients I would take them back and buy Homeopathic HCG from someone else. You will still lose on the aminio acids because at 500 calories you are going to lose weight but I haven't seen anyone that could stay on them. You do not get the benefits of the hcg, you'll lose muscle, be hungry etc.

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    I agree with poobears, I'm new and just took my version of the same (from Vitamin Shoppe) back....for a stupid store credit

    My real hcg arrived today .....sooo here we go!!
    slow start...looking for strong finish!

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    hi where did you buy your hcg Drops[email protected]


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