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Thread: From Ketosis to Phase 1

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    From Ketosis to Phase 1

    Hi everyone!

    I started my RX drops this morning and have a question about loading. I've been in ketosis since January (without much weight loss), so feel like my fat stores should be fairly "full". Does anyone know if this is the case? I really hate snacking, so hope to just have three hearty meals full of lots of good fats for my loading days.

    I also just got adult braces put on Friday, so eating has been difficult!

    I work for an MD who practices holistic care, and he is the one who prescribed me the drops. However, he does not know much about the diet, so is unable to guide me on foods or phases. He just hasn't prescribed it often, so doesn't feel like he has enough experience with it. I hope I can learn from all of you during this journey!

    Thanks for any insight you have for me!

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    I don't think you have to snack if you don't want to. You're just supposed to "eat to capacity of the most fattening foods", according to Pounds and Inches. I would think you could easily accomplish that by eating meals instead of snacks. The hcg makes it difficult to eat during loading so snacking is usually beyond my ability anyway. Eating meals is challenging enough. It is likely that you will come out of ketosis when you start eating the required fruit, vegetables and starch during P2.

    As for guidance on this protocol, there's no better guidance than reading the original manuscript and then reading it again. The phases aren't numbered there...those are from Kevin Trudeau's book...but you can easily see the different phases detailed if not numbered: loading, the VLCD phase, 3 weeks of no sugar/no starch, and slowly adding all foods back in.

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    Thanks! The way you put it, loading seems much more do-able.


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