I loaded yesterday. I tried to eat as much fat with as little carbs as possible and I felt so sick. I took my shot of HCG last night before bed. Now I am on my second day of loading right. I confused myself when I started to think about it after I took the injection. Should I have taken the injection last night and started loading this morning? Or did I do it right? I am sooo not hungry I don't even want to eat but understand it is best to get in as much fat as possible. I decided to do the injections at night because my mornings/day time are BUSY. I have two kids my daughter is in school (grade one) and my son is autistic. He is home doing therapy with an aide until 12 then I drive him to school come back to pick up my daughter then go back and pick up my son. Needless to say I don't spend alot of the day thinking about eating. It is the nighttime that comes to haunt me. .