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Thread: Lost 2lbs on P1????

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    Lost 2lbs on P1????

    Today is VLCD1 - so for the previous 2 days, I loaded. I ate some of the following:
    day 1
    Cheese pizza
    a cheese platter (with sharp, gruyer, gorgonzola, etc) and crackers
    a lot of wine
    twix bar

    Day 2
    2 slices of cheese pizza
    boursion cheese and crackers
    a cannoli
    lots more wine

    This morning, I am down 2lbs (give or take .02)....is that strange? I ate all the things I love, in big doses....

    The ONLY thing i started doing early, was my coffee -- i have been drinking it Black for P1 and will continue to do so....but before, I always used like 6 splenda's and a TON (like 3,4,5 tablespoons!) of Fat Free Coffeemate. That has quite a few calories but I wouldn't think enough to cause a 2lb weightloss....

    any ideas? Not that I'm complaining, lol, I just hope I didn't mess up by not gaining during loading.....

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    People do lose during loading...Dr S even mentions this in Pounds & Inches. I hope you ate enough during loading so you won't be hungry...

    Before and almost after photos.... http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums.../diet-journey/

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    lol, I'm a little hungry today, but I think it's a mind thing - I'm constantly thinking about what I'm going to eat (as in, planning it out, cooking it, etc) that I make myself hungry....

    I do not cook, pretty much, ummmm, ever, lol, so I'm in the process of coming up with easy george forman type meals that will become second nature and i won't have to 'think' about it


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