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Thread: Someone please help

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    Someone please help

    I have done a round many years ago and lost well and kept it off. I used homeopathic drops. I had a baby and can't lose again so I came back for another round but this time, from advice on this site chose real hcg... Triumph... I am doing a 2.5 day load and it's now the morning after my half day. Yesterday, within an hour of taking the drops I got heartburn, both times. This morning when I woke up I had cramps so bad I couldn't stand up straight. I'm currently in the bath to help soothe the pain because I can't find my heating pad. This is so painful. What could be wrong? I'm a little scared and my husband is looking pretty nervous and won't stop checking on me.. please, some direction would be so helpful right now
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    Just to be clear, Triumph is homeopathic. They call them "real" because they have a tiny bit of hcg in them per the homeopathic dilutions. They are not "real" in the sense that we talk about sublingual hcg and injectable hcg.

    You could be getting the flu. There's a lot going around.
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    This doesn't sound like something caused by homeopathic hcg. Perhaps you should check with your doctor to find out what's going on.

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