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Thread: Starting Loading!

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    Well ladies I've pretty much been stalled for a week. I keep gaining and losing and staying right around 22-23 pounds lost. My last day of drops is Saturday, and I'm starting P3 Tuesday! I could use all the advice I can get.

    How are you both doing? Experiencing any foods that are causing you to gain? I really dislike eggs and I've heard that's one of the best foods to start back with So far from what I've read it's similar to P2 in that you still aren't eating any starch or sugars, but you can start adding in fats like olive oil, heavy cream for coffee, avocados, etc. I'd love to start making salsa and guac, but that would require eating chips! Have you found any good recipes? I've been going through the P3 forum but it seems to be a lot of people bouncing back and forth questions and not getting much answered lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by jd562107 View Post
    Hi! Started drops and loading today Looking for others who are in the same position and would like to start a support group!
    Hi I am in, I was looking for the same thing.

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    Let me know how is going, is this your first round ? I started my second. Tomorrow is my first day of VLCD. Very excited to have someone that is doing the same thing at the same time.

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    How's everyone doing? Hi Lilli! I'm still in my first week of P4. It's weird!

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    Starting Loading!

    Is anyone still around? I'm nearing the end of week 6 of P4 thinking-about doing another short round

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    Jessica - Using Tapatalk
    Currently on R4/P1

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