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Thread: First week of January - Newbie/First time HCGer wouldn't mind a buddy.

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    First week of January - Newbie/First time HCGer wouldn't mind a buddy.

    I ordered my HCG yesterday from alldaychemist. I imagine I will have it pretty close to the first of the year.

    I'm a tiny bit confused on protocol. I've not found a clear place to read up on the different phases. I know there are 4, but have no idea what is involved other than stuffing your face for a few days, dropping to 500 cal and losing weight! LOL

    Anyone want to either:
    1. Be my buddy
    2. Help me find a place to learn about the phases, recipes, protocol, etc?

    Thank you!
    "Sparkle Barbie"

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    Hi Sparkle Barbie!!
    I'd love to be your buddy! I will be starting my first round soon. I just ordered from ADC not too long ago and mine should arrive within just a couple of days of my planned start date-Jan 1!! So excited to start, and I've been mentally preparing myself for it. I love this forum because there is so much information to take in. So many people with so many experiences, not to mention the moderators who are just fantastic. As far as the phases go, I've been researching all of them but I'm really going to bone up on each of them as they come. Right now I'm getting all of my P2 stuff together so I can hit the ground running. Have you read "pounds and inches"? That's the best place to start. Best of luck to you!!

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    I was thinking last night...AFTER reading some of the "Pound and inches" that I can't really start until after January 14. I have a marathon that day...and from what I read in pounds and would be really bad to combine the two! I'm bummed cause I would REALLY like to be your buddy to.

    When did you order your stuff from ADC? I ordered mine saturday (which probably means today (Monday) is when it will be processed). I ordered it now expecting it might take time with customs and all. I'm hoping it doesn't come super fast since I will not be available to receive it until mid next week. That's why I was wondering how long it took for you to get yours?

    How much are you wanting to lose? I want to lose 30-40 lbs. I've got a huge lower belly of belly fat that I've had ever since I was a kid. My mom never cooked. We ate out every meal..and almost always late. So I've lost weight over the years but have never been able to lose this gut that i've been carrying around forever. Also, my eating is already pretty good, so I figured the HCG was a perfect fit for me to get rid of this fat and keep it off (since I already eat well).

    What's your story? Thanks for writing. YOu're the first person to actually reply to me on any of these messages!

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    Ah, well that's ok! I'll still be your buddy. I'm planning on a long round for my first. I am going to be doing some exercise (nothing like a marathon, wow! Go you!) but nothing strenuous, and I'm upping my protein and dropping my melbas (gluten sensitive). I'll just start before you and then I can share my experience first hand!

    I ordered on friday, and this morning just got an email that my order has shipped! So exciting! Plus I just love getting stuff in the mail, haha. I'm sure it will take a bit to get through customs but I'm predicting it will arrive on the 29th or 30th. From what I've read once it clears that it will be here in only a couple days. In the meantime I'm just scouring these boards for info, trying to have an idea of what to expect-doing my homework. I'm so excited and eager for this to work that I don't want to miss anything at all.

    I'm ultimately looking to lose about 80-100, but I'm going to do at least 2 rounds. And then I'm hoping the HCG regulated my metabolism to the point that I can take the last bit off sensibly (diet and exercise). I've got that same lower belly fat, am looking forward to seeing that go! I've lost the same 50 lbs over and over and I think my body has had enough and won't let it go easy, at least not without some help. My parents have always been fabulous cooks, although we always ate late too, but the rest of my family were always thin when I was growing up (all of us kids are adopted so we're all very unique). I think that when I was a child I wasn't so much fat as I just got big/grew up faster and I think my mom didn't really know what to do about it. I remember being dragged to all sorts of nutritionists/dieticians from an early age, so I sort of grew up with a skewed way of looking at food. And I think for many years I used the weight as a shield. Well, now I'm finally really ready to let it go and my body just wants to hold on to it! I think doing a few rounds of the HCG will help my body to get back into the right regulating mode. My eating is also not horrible, and from all of my exhaustive years of "nutrition counseling" I know a lot about eating right and especially about cooking right; I'm excellent at maintaining m weight! But losing is another thing.

    Anyway, I hope this monday morning is treating you right! Looking forward to sharing the journey :-)

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    I want to let you both know that stuffing your face really is not recommended like it used to be. Now, they recommend eating healthy but eat things you will miss. The more you gain, the more that adds to what is needed to lose. Eat healthy fats, avocado's, nuts, omega's etc. I did not even load my last round and did 77 days of phase 2 and lost 29 lbs. That was the last bit I had to lose so it took much longer. My loss for all my rounds were very good. I personally like the longer rounds. Best of luck to both of you and you will love this diet! It really works and you will be amazed!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    R1..start weight 180 ended at 156 40 day round
    R2..start weight 162.2 end weight for R2=142.4 26 day round
    R3..start weight 156.8 end weight 127.4 77 day round
    * Total lost 53.4 lbs doing HHCG drops. Reached my goal!

    I SELL *HIGH POTENCY* Drops [email protected]

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    I am going to be shooting a start for Xmas Eve/Day load....if not, beginning of january.....keep in touch! This site is great, if you look for topics, you will find all the answers you want about phases.

    I can do all things through God, who gives me strength!

    June 13th, PH4 Day1: 116.5lbs, Eating around 1450, Not counting calories!

    Round1Phase4: 117lbs
    Round2 VLCD8: 115lbs
    Goal: 110lbs

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    @ Abinco- Good to know! I don't plan on totally going off the deep end, but even lately (these last few weeks) I've been having a lot of the things that I know I will be cutting out. A last hurrah, but I really don't like the feeling of being uncomfortably full.

    @ MeonHCG- Please join us in our little group!! I'm doing the beginning of january, I just didn't think it was manageable with all the Christmas parties (3 in a row, christmas eve, day, and day after!), and then with New Year's Eve always being a big hurrah and the party my parents throw on New Year's Day...just too tough. And then I just wanted to give myself an extra day to eat a few other foods I haven't had in a while/won't be having in a while after I start. Looking forward to getting things going! In the meantime I keep scouring these boards for info.

    @ SparkleBarbie- Just came across this while looking around the boards, thought it might be a valuable resource for you!-

    How are you guys planning to take your HCG? I was all set to do Rx sublingual, but there was another thread started which questions the effectiveness of the Drops. So now I'm nervous. I really want this to work!!

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    Smile Phase 1

    i am starting my gorge days on December 31, 2011 and starting phase 2 on January 2, 2012. I figured it will be my new years resolution. i really could use a buddy because i have failed so man times in the past and i am a very emotional comfort eater. anyone wanting to be my buddy and starting the same time.
    P1: start & January
    P2: start Jan 9 start weight 167.4

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    Hi WeightDevil666!
    Please come be our buddy! I'm making this my New Year's resolution as well. It's weird, I haven't been this excited about a diet in a long long time! My family is quite skeptical but I've explained some of it to them so I think they're coming around. I can't wait to do this first round and actually show them. I'm just a little worried that my HCG won't be in by the time I want to start. Right now it's in customs, so I'm hoping and praying that it clears in time for me to officially start on the 1st. I thought of doing the New Year's Eve start date, but I figured I didn't want to be fiddling with the Drops when I was out (going to a friend's house and cooking for everyone). New Year's Day is a big party at my parents' house, so at least I can deal with doing the drops (sublingual) there while I do my first load day. Are you doing injections or sublingual?

    I'm very excited to start this journey, and very interested to see where your journey takes you as well! Check back often, I think we can all keep each other sane when we're in the thick of it. And a belated Merry Christmas and pre-emptive Happy New Year to you all!!

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    Starting 12/31 - Round 1, Phase 1

    Hi all -

    I'll be loading tomorrow! This is my first round and I'm taking HCG Drops. I would like to lose a total of 70 pounds. I am going on a cruise 4/1, so hopefully I'll be at least 30 pounds lighter for that! My boyfriend only needs to lose about 50 pounds and he's going to diet with me. I'm ready to load, but also ready for phase 2. I went grocery shopping today for some super healthy foods.

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