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Thread: Weight gain in phase 1

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    Weight gain in phase 1

    Doesn’t it seem counterproductive to gain 5 lbs during this phase 1 just to have to loose it in the next phase 2. I would think as a female (with it being so hard to loose) you wouldn’t want to gain weight just to have to turn around and have to loose it again. So if I set out in 3 weeks to loose 15lbs and gain another 5 in phase 1 doesn’t that mean I really only loose 10? Does that make sense?

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    The load weight is counted for purposes of figuring the average loss for the round. You can count it anyway you like.

    I usually recorded both: net loss and total loss in my round notes.
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    A full review of my experience with DietDoc and how the round progressed can be found here: my Diet Doc review and my Hcg coaching blog is here.

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    Some gain, some lose and some stay the same during loading. To gain five pounds, you'd have to eat about 17,500 calories more than your body needs to maintain its weight. You might try just eating to capacity as Dr. Simeons says to do rather than eating so much you vomit or end up in the hospital. Load to capacity on high fat foods; don't gorge until you're sick.

    I don't think I've ever not lost my load weight the first day.

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