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Thread: 5th day of R1 P2 going great!

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    5th day of R1 P2 going great!

    My wife and I lost about 100lbs each about 5 years ago. We struggled on P4 and after attempting different apaches, we are returning to HCG.
    We are 5 days into P2 and we are both down 13lbs so far. Feeling a little lethargic, and experiencing muscle cramps, and feel cold all the time, but overall going great.
    HCG is encouraging because we have done things like Keto and had very limited results.
    Looking forward to the next 3 weeks where we hope to each be down about 32lbs which is typical for us in a round.

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    Great report. Many of us only dream of such good losses. I typically will lose around 8 pounds in the first full week and then just break 20 for the whole round.

    Wishing you the best in the rest of your round.
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    Great job on the 13 pounds! I take magnesium and potassium with dinner to keep the cramps at bay.

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    I am trying Cell salts, and the body cramps seem to be subsiding. Hopefully they continue to mellow out as I am now starting my 2nd week.

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    Body cramps were over last week, and I am thankful for that!

    I got my COVID Immunization shot last Friday. Was a little nauseous the day after for about 18 hours, but other than that totally fine.

    Prepared the 2nd half of our 30 day round injections Sunday night. My wife and I are both down 21 lbs so far. So I am only 9 lbs from my goal on this round, with 13 more injections to go!

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    Wow you are both doing great! Keep it up. I suffer from leg cramps at night too. And I already take magnesium. I have those cramps sometimes off HCG, so keep the Hylands pills by my bed and pop two in when they hit. They are the pits for sure. Good luck with your round.


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