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Thread: 7 day stall, what now?

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    Unhappy 7 day stall, what now?

    Hi everyone,

    Not new to HCG, I struggle with Hashimotos and have been gaining and losing the same 25lbs since being diagnosed in 2013. Usually my rounds are pretty successful. I typically do 1 round a year. I take Tirosint 112mcg and slow-release T3 20mcg. I also take the Lo Loestrin birth control pill for perimenopause symptoms and that's going well, I'm on my 4th pack of pills at this point. I take them continuously as to not have a period.

    Got my thyroid tested right before the round and free T4 was good at 1.39, free T3 was at the low end of the range at 2.2 so I was prescribed some Cytomel to top up (2.5mcg up to 3 times a day). My ferritin came back at 48 and hemoglobin at 13. My reverse T3 came back high at 23.

    I started P2D1 at 179.4, and this morning P2D24 I'm at 167. That's not so bad at 0.5lbs per day, but I've been stuck moving between 167.4 and 167 for the past week! I've never experienced a 1-week stall, a bit panicky over here. Usually my losses are fairly regular, stalls don't last more than a couple of days. I used a ketostix this morning and it's showing I'm in full-blown ketosis. It's been that way all through my stall.

    I follow the 800-calorie diet. I had bad hair loss on the OP, so all my rounds except for the first one have been the 800-calorie protocol (Sonia Russell book) I average about 600 calories/day and track all my food. I've been quite successful with this protocol in the past. I'm currently taking 125iu injections from TelewellnessMD, they source them from Empower compounding pharmacy (in Texas I think). Tested my HCG 2 days ago and it turned a dark positive. I've been feeling quite hungry at night, however I often don't take in all my calories during the day as I'm not hungry then the hunger kicks in at night, I'm not sure if that's the reason or if my dose is off? I've been skipping a day a week. I tested myself a couple of days ago at 140iu and felt I was a bit hungrier during the day, so I dropped back to 125iu. I've been sleeping ok, had some problems with constipation, started taking Miralax and that got things moving a little better.

    I use an infra-red sauna daily and drink all my water. I've cut out other drinks. I eat some meat/chicken/fish and a vegetable/salad for all 3 meals. Occasionally I will have some fat-free dairy as my protein portion. I do eat miracle noodles occasionally. I don't feel like I have much apparent water retention as my rings are very loose and my face is looking slender (yay). I look like I've lost some weight all over, my clothes are fitting better but I haven't officially gone 'down' a size. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take my measurements at the beginning so I took a set a few days ago.

    I have a breast reduction surgery coming up on March 16th; I'm trying to lose 20 (hopefully 25) lbs beforehand as I don't want to have to lose a lot of weight afterwards and potentially change the shape of my new breasts . I know that may be a moot point if my Hashi's doesn't keep quiet, but I have to try. I was planning on ending P2 on March 10th.

    Any insight would be much appreciated, thank you so much <3
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    A stall is 4 or more days without losing, so you are not much beyond that. In fact, a stall of 10 days is not uncommon, and could even stretch out to as much as 2 weeks if you have hit an old established set point. Long stalls are frustrating, but once it breaks, your losses will generally catch up and you'll still have a good daily loss average by the end of the round.

    So it looks to me like you are not doing anything wrong. Your low thyroid could be working against you somewhat, especially with a high reverse T3. The extra Cytomel should help to boost your free T3 and help bring down the reverse T3. And HCG does have the effect of stimulating thyroid for some.

    The best thing is to just hang in there and stay on plan. Maybe add some magnesium at night and/or a nice long epsom salts soak to help with elimination and sleep, which is important for weight loss.
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