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Thread: Anyone need an accountability buddy?

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    Anyone need an accountability buddy?

    Hello- I have been trying to do another round since (wait for it) - January of this year. Each time I start and then fail. I give myself breaks and try again. I have yet to give up. I have been successful in the past many times. I know this is the best suited diet for me, but I am struggling. I have always done this diet with my mother, but she lost all her weight last year and has kept it off and then some. So, if anyone just starting or who has started but is also struggling would like to become accountability and motivation buddies, I am all for it. I know this is random and odd, but a lot can be accomplished as a team.


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    I could use a buddy. I am re-starting on the 1st. Loading today and tomorrow. I lost 50lbs in 2012 and put it back on after a couple of years when a health crisis forced me onto Tegretol medication. My health is stable and Iím looking to get the weight back off.

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    I am also starting tomorrow and could totally use an accountability partner...or two, three...whatever! I plan to stick completely on protocol...that has worked the best for me in the past.

    Are you still around Roxy?

    Kim - how is it going?

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    I just started vlcd on Tuesday of this week. I was successful a few years ago, but can't wrap my head around it this time. I need some buddies for sure!!


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    There are a couple already posting in the June Loaders thread---one is our site owner, who is doing a baby-weight round.

    June 2018 Loaders - It's a New Day!

    EDIT: Apologies! The existing posts there were lost with the forums reversion. Hopefully, the posters will repost and get that thread going again.
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    do people want to use the June 2018 thread to post in for support? Both threads are pretty quiet right now, but it would be great to get some support going! :-)

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    I'm up for joining in!

    I was a bit held up today. Still correcting some site errors from the forum changes but I'm chatty and could use some supportive distraction from protocol-worries and coding errors
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