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Thread: I need a buddy!!!

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    I need a buddy!!!

    I am on my second round of HCG. I lost about 35 lb on my first round and gained back 15 in the past year. I am a chef's assistant and a serious home baker. I know this time when I am finished with Phase 3 that I MUST stick to whole grains and continue to be careful.
    I am on day 10 (minus loading) and I am down 13 lbs. I am very pleased and feel pretty good during the day, however by about 4pm, I start craving and I get very uncomfortable. I entertain ideas of stopping at day 23. But the next morning when I wake up and weight myself, I am always very happy and feel inspired to continue. This morning I was at 154lbs. and I can "see" a big difference. The reason I need a buddy is that I get NO support or encouragement from my friends(only my 9 yr old daughter) everyone filters themselves by saying ,"you do not need to lose any weight, you look fine" or"you look the same to me" I am 5'8 and I guess I carry my weight well but I KNOW when I am not at the weight I should be. I have that muffin top thing going on and I am bulky through my shoulders and upper back and upper arms. working out had never worked for me as I have an Autoimmune disorder and I do not have the stamina to endure any sort of working out. It is all I can do to get through the day. I feel very alone and would love someone to cheer me on. I am also a very good cheerleader for someone else. There is also the issue of telling anyone about the amazing success one has on HCG. Everyone says it is bullcrap and unhealthy because they do not understand the science behind it. Explaining it to people is pointless as well as they will only believe the traditional diet methods even though there is walking evidence everywhere that they do not work...LOL

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    I started yesterday, I'm still loading tomorrow. I start 500 cals on Sunday. We can buddy up.

    I am doing injectables, 40 days.
    35 years old
    Start weight 167

    Load Day #1 - 7/19 - 169 pds
    Load Day #2 - 7/20 - 171.2 pds
    Load Day #3 - 7/21 - 170.2 pds
    VLCD Day #1 - 171.2 pds
    VLCD Day #2 - 170.4 pds
    VLDD Day #3 - 169.2 pds
    VLCD Day #4 - 168.4 pds
    VLCD Day #5 - 167 pds
    VLCD Day #6 - 166.6 pds

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    I prepared for how I would decline offers and meals while still being social. Even at work when people go to lunch and ask me to join them, I say "thanks but I'm still on my meal plan." I don't get into it. It's just my first week and I've already heard "wow, you're really sticking to it, aren't you?" I smiled and nodded, very pleased with myself that I really am. If you do have to decline any offers of any food, make sure to smile to show how much you believe in it, rather than wince in angst at missing out.

    Keep your chin up!

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    Thank you Ladies!!! I am on the injections too. I think that if I had not spent what I did on the injections, I might have cheated. I just cannot bring myself to cheat on that much money! I have just been staying at home. I adore food and I also enjoy beer so socializing is pretty much out. I crave BAD!!!!!

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    Hello, Ladies!
    Today is my 2nd VLCD. Yesterday went very well. I was not hungry at all like I thought I would be.
    I actually didn't even get in my 500 calories, so I need to make sure to eat.
    I, too, am on shots.
    It was a bit exciting to see my scale 2lbs down this morning. Yay!
    I was at a very nice weight 2 years ago. I was active and at 140 lbs. I am 5'6"
    Now, I started this at 165lbs. As I've watched the weight add on, I can honestly say my confidence has plummetted. So, not fun.
    I want to have the feeling of being confident, again. My 41st birthday is in about 20 days. I would love to be a little leaner by then. :-)

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    Hi there.
    I am starting on P2 VLCD tomorrow. I have been loading all weekend and am looking forward to starting VLCD tomorrow. This will be round two for me. This time I am using patches instead of Drops. I was happy with the round one results but need to be a lot stricter with myself for this round as I want to lose 10 kilos or more this time. I will get converter and update my stats tomorrow.

    Tomorrow (Monday) is my wedding anniversary and I so wanted to be at my wedding weight ... But will have to try for next year. In the meantime my goal is to look great for our holiday begining on 22nd Septwmber...


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